How to make money with Reddit

Basically one of the largest websites to aggregate news & content these days is Reddit it’s an absolute beast in terms of traffic and some platforms live and die through it. There are many sneaky ways to profit from using Reddit and that’s what I want to tackle today. What we are gonna be doing however won’t necessarily fit into their Terms of Service, so we aren’t gonna do things by the book depending on your situation (in the worst case scenario you get banned from the platform and you just do a new account).

Now if you don’t like reading you can also check out my video version of the points I’m addressing in this article as well.

Shadowbans & Karma

Before we start talking about the methods it’s important to understand 2 core concepts one being karma (comment & link karma) which affects sometimes which subreddits you are able to post and secondly whatever your posts are going to get spam filtered due to being low karma.

Reddit doesn’t tell you when you are spam-filtered or shadowbanned, usually the best way to do this is by using another account to see whatever your comments or posts are showing up – another way is to go to /r/shadowban and ask about your account status.

How are we making money with Reddit exactly?

First, we have to establish whether you are Content Creator, Web business owner, or Affiliate marketer good news is that all these three can earn money from Reddit by promoting their things. A good resource is Redditlist which allows you to find a bunch of different subreddits and which ones are currently trending out there – for the sake of clarity I’m going to break down subreddits into 3 different tiers.

  • Whale Subreddit – These are large communities like /r/gaming, /r/worldnews, and /r/news with usually over 100k – 1M subscribers, these are extremely moderated and usually spam filter at a higher rate than other subreddits out there, you want to avoid these in general.
  • Dolphin Subreddit – Active communities from 10-50k subscribers where you need around anywhere from ~25 to ~50 upvotes per post to get to the frontpage on these specific subreddits and usually have quite lax moderation
  • Shrimp Subreddit – Inactive communities and small communities where basically any new post makes it to the front page, but there aren’t really any readers at all. Likely also inactive or have no moderators/admins around.

From the perspective of any of the aforementioned 3 designated roles, you want to post on Dolphin Subreddits because they are less likely to ban you for shilling your content. Now if you are an Artist whether that is Digital Art, Onlyfans, or something else – many subreddits have rules about posting your own content, especially to websites, so often now there is a limit to only being able to add “Image post” you can circumvent this by adding a watermark to your images with so people who watch your images might also check out your socials or website.

Now the obvious question here – okay I have the content but I’m not getting upvotes so how am I getting any conversions or views to my social profiles? Well as I told you before we have to use methods that aren’t exactly in alignment with Reddit ToS – that being we need to buy upvotes. Depending on your business or affiliate link that you marketing the conversion rate revenue is lot higher usually than the cost of upvoting your post to the top of these Dolphin subreddits.

  • SeoClerk – Great place to buy Reddit Upvotes low as 1$ for 20 upvotes, also you can buy reddit backlinks to your website and boost organic SEO, pay for other people to post your links to their subreddits, or ask them to post your links with their high karma accounts.
  • MediaMister – Another excellent option service that sells upvotes, Reddit followers, Reddit posts, and subreddit subscribers (Great for people who want to build their own communities that can be very valuable down the line if you have admin rights) bit more professional service but has a higher cost too.

We have collected a lot of solid affiliate programs out there and especially gaming ones are really good in Reddit because there are subreddits specific for a game series or a specific game, allowing you to shill in many subreddits your affiliate links.

Reddit Avatars Flipping is it Worth it? 

If you happen to have some old Reddit accounts you might be eligible to get a free Reddit avatar NFT on the Polygon blockchain. There are marketplaces like Opensea where you are able to trade your Reddit Avatars in exchange for USDC or Ethereum for example, but there isn’t massive demand and there is a huge supply of these NFTs in general, which makes it a problematic investment.

Reddit is still in the extremely speculative and experimental phase with their avatars and due to that, I don’t recommend throwing much money around buying these. You can try to acquire some old accounts and see if they can claim some avatars that you could sell tho for a buck or two. There is a subreddit /r/avatartrading where you can also exchange your avatars if you want to.

Reddit Moons Farming and Selling

Another way to make money on Reddit with legit way is to farm Moons tokens from the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit. By contributing by posting and commenting on this specific subreddit you are going to get distributed these moon tokens that you are able to trade at established exchanges like MEXC and Gate. In order to get a lot of upvotes usually relies a lot on knowing what your talking about and agreeing with a general consensus of this subreddit, which oftentimes can be hard for people who are outside of crypto.

I also have to say this is not the most straightforward experience it could be, for one you need a mobile Reddit app to have the actual wallet where you hold the tokens, there isn’t an option to do anything almost on the desktop side. But there are people like me who have made like ~20$ a week (the moon weeks are once a month) by posting on the subreddit on a very infrequent basis.

I recommend reading an article by Metaroids that goes into a bit deeper about the economics of moons and how everything works around setting up wallets etc. What we know in the future is that other subreddits will start to have their own tokens as well and it’s currently in the beta stage, this will be a huge grinding opportunity for many in the near future something to keep an eye on.

Selling Reddit Accounts?

The last way to make money is by selling accounts on Reddit, there is somewhat of a demand for high karma accounts out there and ones that are very old too, because that seems to be one metric that brings value to a specific account. That being said there aren’t any general marketplaces where you can go sell your own accounts really, there are a couple of services where you can buy some starting at 60$ to 75$ which are quite crazy prices if you ask me personally.

I think you just want to grind the accounts yourself and do some woke stuff on popular subreddits and you are guaranteed to get easy karma or buy upvotes to comments that’s also one way to do it.


If you have some cool methods or Reddit marketplaces to share to make money, please let us know by commenting below!

By Lite G

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