Upscaling Your Images to Perfection with AI

If you are looking to upscale or improve the quality of your older images, you might want to try out AI Image Upscalers that do wonders for old pictures & photos. There are lot of options for people who want to process images on the internet, desktop, or perhaps even on their phone – well here is a great breakdown of both free and paid AI Image Upscalers that you should give a try.

Do you ever find yourself curious about the intricacies of upscaling an image? The technique responsible for this transformation is referred to as super-resolution image reconstruction, a versatile technology extensively applied in the realm of digital image processing.

This method entails the enhancement of a low-resolution image of a subject, resulting in the creation of a high-resolution counterpart. The application of image super-resolution can greatly enhance the visual quality and spatial detail of images. But let’s get started with the services & sites that offer Free AI Upscaling (Note that some of the example images are compressed)

Gigapixel by Topaz Labs

In terms of AI Upscalers that are downloadable programs, Gigapixel probably takes the trophy of being one of the more professional use tools available currently in the market. Many Image Upscalers you see on the web tend to have very limited options in terms of how many times you can upscale, what parts of the image you can upscale, and noise reduction features.


Now one of the tools I use a lot on a daily basis is Upscayl this is a very fast AI Image Upscaler tool that’s Open source. It has a couple of different functionalities where you can choose models that are meant for general photos and then you have a separate model that’s for Digital Art. The quality is rather decent on the upscales (the default option is 400%, which technically cannot be changed) but they will lose some of the detail and I feel generally the images end up being a bit darker than the original.

It also has a batch feature, which tends to work most of the time but it has crashed on me once or twice – also there aren’t that many image format options for saving sadly.

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux & macOS
  • Free Trial/Credits: This is a totally free product, except for its cloud feature
  • Website:


One of the most useful All-around AI tools I’ve found recently is Clipdrop which offers background removal, uncropping, doodling, AI Clean-up, and many other features including AI Upscaling. If you happen to be traveling or just outside the home this is an ideal alternative to others on this list, it doesn’t have too many options for customization however, there is an option to either upscale 200% or 400%, and top of that there are two different filters from “Smooth” to “Detailed”.

Overall this is a solid alternative if you are a browser user, but the quality and options aren’t as good as in desktop tools.

Let’s Enhance

Another Web service that offers image enhancement and AI Upscaling services is LetsEnhance which gives out some free trial credits, but after the credits are over you have the option to use their monthly subscription system. Overall their quality is actually very good, there are background removal tools and other very neat services like color and light enhancement which do wonders for a lot of images.

It can be a bit expensive option, but I would argue it might be the best web option that money can buy as of right now (the free version does have a watermark though).


Another Web Browser AI Upscaler UpscaleMedia offers you yet another upscaling alternative. It’s very similar to Lets Enhance but it has less options for upscaling presets and models – but has features like removing watermarks which is quite a handy tool.

The base price is 0.08$ per credit which is quite high, but this extends to all the services they have on their website so not just image upscaling.

Each of the top AI image upscaling tools offers unique advantages. Some provide comprehensive suites of diverse features, while others cater to quick editing needs, perfect for when you only have a couple of images to enhance.

Regardless of your requirements, all the image upscalers featured on our list excel at enlarging your photos while preserving their quality. You’re sure to discover the ideal tool for your specific needs within our carefully curated selection. If we are missing some great tools, let us know in the comments below!

By Lite G

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