Crypto nodes are becoming a hot commodity and lot of people are looking into running themselves for a potential airdrop or other benefits down the line. While it may sound very hard task to do its actually just lot of copy and pasting, but important point is that there are three ways to do this which are as follows

  1. Running a Node directly with your own Computer or spare computer (this is most hardware heavy and most expensive option)
  2. Using a VPS service which is hosting your node basically in the cloud, allowing you have to full control still of keys and everything
  3. One Click Node – hosting services that basically run everything for you and usually cost bit more than the second option, these sometimes will allow you have to have access to your keys but not always.

In this article we are going to focus on the latter two and which services and tools you will be needing to get started. So like I said running a VPS/VDS is lot easier option, but it does come along with some initial hassle, but the beauty is that you don’t need to keep your PC open the VPS does all the hosting for you.

  • Initially you will be needing a SSH client two options that I recommend are Bitvise SSH and Putty (This one you see often on other node guides) both of these are open source, which further increases trust on these tools.
  • Some of the node services need you to also have Git for running terminal stuff (Windows users mostly)

After you have downloaded and installed the SSH client we need to pick out a VPS service, here are some options you can go for.

  • Vultr – Quite popular entry among node owners, not the cheapest offer however (Supports Crypto payments)
  • Contabo – Cheap Alternative for people with limited budget
  • Aeza – Probably cheapest option on the list i can think of
  • RackNerd – For people wanting to take Long plans this is probably most affordable option
  • more to be listed soon…..

One Click Crypto Nodes

For people who have more money to throw at problems the more easier route often is to go with one click nodes, now the benefit here is that 99% stuff is managed by them and not you – the limitations however are that there is only set of nodes usually available and they are bought fast and also the selection of nodes is more mainstream compared to what we have when we run VPS ourselves.

First we got MintAir which has decent selection of very desired nodes on their roster. They offer both crypto and non-crypto payment methods and have discord for customer support – the team itself however is anon based on the information available at the website so not lots to go with.

  • Average Price: 29,99$/month (Price scales down if you take more months, up to 12 months at 22,99$/month) 
  • Nodes Available: Shardeum, Avail Light, Fuel Network, Linea Mainnet, Babylon, BEVM, Zora & Taiko
  • Payment Methods: NowPayments (Has BTC, Stablecoins, ETH & +100 other assets) and Fiat payments via CopperX
  • Website:

Then we have NodeOps which actually has fair amount of transparency when it comes to who are behind the team, they got also a nice roster of different chains under their website, but they do not offer fiat payments as of right now, so that might be a deal breaker for some people.

  • Average Price: 19$/month (downscaling) for certain nodes and some are priced lot higher
  • Nodes Available: Xai, Celestia, Shardeum, Zora, Fuel Network, Powerloom, HyChain and coming soon Avail, Aethir, Taiko, Oraichain and Eigenlayer
  • Payment Methods: Polygon, Solana & Binance Smart Chain
  • Website:

These guys have been around for a while now and they are more specialized in gaming related things and that’s why their portfolio only kind of consists of Gala nodes and also Myria, so if your looking for great selection beyond that – this is not your service.

  • Average Price: 15$/month or 25$/month for most their nodes
  • Nodes Available: Myria Founders Node, Gala music, Gala Founders, Last Expedition, Spider Tanks Node, Gala Film and Common Ground World
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card
  • Website:

These guys got great selection of nodes, but it seems not all of them are currently available (occupational hazard i suppose) also they only offer apparently crypto payments so not option for fiat people. They got pretty neat dashboard in my opinion which allows good Airdrop tracking as well.

  • Average Price: N/A
  • Nodes Available: Fuel Network, Avail, Elixir Linea and Babylon
  • Payment Methods: CopperX (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon & Solana)
  • Website:

If you love high prices SuperNoderz might be your guy! Well i mean they got couple of nodes that are very expensive but some are quite affordable, so its a wild mix to say the least. They also don’t seem to have fiat payment methods available by the looks of it.

  • Average Price: 14$/month
  • Nodes Available: Avail, Lava Validator, Pryzm, Fuel Testnet Node, Babylon validator testnet, Celestia Light Node, Avail Validator Node & Shardeum Testnet Validator Node
  • Payment Methods: CopperX (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon & Solana)
  • Website:

If i am missing some other node websites from this list, please contact at or leave comment below for add-on

By Lite G

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