It’s time for another update regarding the Big Eyes coin project, previously we exposed the shady anon team, affiliation to previous exit scams, and sketchy marketing campaigns that they were conducting.

We received information about which company is behind these scammy projects from an informant close to the company. If you got lazy eyes you can also view the video review of the events here, if not keep on reading to get a grasp of the full story and scam network.

Connection to Lanistar Ltd

Our source made the claimant that the people who are running Big Eyes coin in the background are known as Lanistar Ltd which is a debit card company. The CEO of Lanistar is known as Gurhan Kiziloz who seems to be the mastermind behind everything alongside his cousin Soner Demiralay.

Lanistar doesn’t exactly have very clean books themselves as previously reported by other news outlets dozens of employees have been left out with a pay and legal paper shows that they were ordered by UK Court to pay fines for missing payments. Also, the company claimed to be partially owned by Celebrities and basically retracted false advertisement statements regarding this.

If this wasn’t enough to turn you down, they also got a statement from FCA previously saying the following…

“Legal and regulatory compliance are central to Lanistar’s business and we confirm that we are not providing financial services or products without the FCA’s authorisation,” the company said in a statement. “We will be partnering with firms that are authorised by the FCA to provide financial services or products. We are in the process of contacting the FCA to clarify the position and will be requesting that the notice is removed.”

Gurhan also owns another company that’s registered in the UK which is known as the World Press Release Organization (WPRO) which is an integral part of the marketing body of Big Eyes Coin. These two companies have offices in the UK and also in Dubai at the Nassima Tower, they are fundamentally there to complement each other and further push marketing for their tokens that they launch by having the WPRO writing team promote at multiple low-tier crypto news outlets.

Further evidence of this connection was written by a former employee at Glassdoor talking about how these companies are used together to promote the big eyes coin presale. This was something that I already believed previously that they had multiple people promoting the coin and had hired some moderators keep shilling and censoring any forms of critique regarding the project.


Big Eyes Being Promoted by WPRO

Another pivotal piece of information that I personally dug out was that there was an account created on Finbold that was posting articles about Lanistar, Big Eyes coin, and other crypto projects which may be unrelated or also part of the scam network.

As you can see the account is named after their publisher WPRO, which is the marketing arm of Lanister/Big Eyes coin. They are already gearing up for promotion on caged beasts (their next rug) despite the launch of Big Eyes still away.

This is not all – there is also another entry post written at both Mediawire and EconomicTimes which both admit that the articles were written by WPRO and this specific article mentions Seesaw protocol (SSW) which was one of these previous projects that basically slow rugged and was connected to Big Eyes and other projects we covered in our previous article.

Launch of Big Eyes Casino in the Future?

Now this is another point that my informant discussed which is the Big Eyes Casino launch, what needs to be understood here is that since the company is partially based in Dubai (I mean that’s where the main team and CEO are) means that it would be illegal to run a casino business in United Arab Emirates (UAE) since its considered haram under Islam, it’s not a practice that is legal in any way.

Now seemingly they aren’t exactly halal in the UK either, more so on the gray waters from a legal standpoint. It has to undergo actual approval by UKGC and I’m pretty sure that they have no intention to do so.

There might be more info surfacing later and we are doing some effort to contact OKX and try to tell them not to list the coin or at least do a proper investigation.

If you agree I do recommend citing this and the previous article (alongside the videos) to OKX + Poloniex and trying to make them do some level of action against the team.

By Lite G

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