Best NFT Extensions, Tools & Dapps to Try

For NFT fans and users alike, there are a multitude of great tools out there that you should give a try at. Whatever you want more secure experience trading, more aggregator options, more data about the latest NFT drops and sales – there simply are many extensions, tools & dapps available that can cater to more Pro-users and beginners alike will give you an edge over the general markets.

Here is our Top 10 list of some of the greatest NFT tools available not in any particular order since all of them have their own merits and use cases that are specific to people who might flip NFT’s, some who create them or people who are gathering data.

#10 – Crypto Slam

CryptoSlam is a comprehensive platform that provides an overview of the rapidly evolving world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based collectibles. It serves as a central hub for users to explore, track, and analyze the performance of various NFT projects, marketplaces, and individual NFT assets.

At its core, aggregates data from different NFT marketplaces, allowing users to view and compare the performance of NFT projects across platforms. By tracking sales, volume, and other metrics, provides valuable insights into the popularity and economic activity of different NFT collections. This information can be invaluable for collectors, investors, and enthusiasts looking to make informed decisions in the NFT space. The best part its getting data from less popular blockchains out there.

#9 – Nifty Wallet

Introducing the Nifty Wallet: a cutting-edge 2.8-inch touchscreen hardware wallet designed specifically for NFT enthusiasts. This innovative device offers a secure offline solution to safeguard your valuable NFTs and cryptocurrencies, ensuring they remain impervious to hackers. Priced at $199, the Nifty Wallet seamlessly integrates with the SecuX mobile app, granting users convenient access to NFT marketplaces and DeFi applications with utmost ease.

Currently, it supports Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon NFTs out there.

#8 – NFTinit

Your all-in-one platform for trading NFTs Where you can Find, analyze, auto-bid, and fast-buy the best NFTs on the market. Go beyond simple business intelligence with advanced data visualization. Get deeper insights with historical graphs and make more accurate predictions. See historical data and percentage changes for the NFT floor, the volume traded, buy now count, and other parameters.

#7 – Unsellable

UnsellableNFT is a dapp that allows you to sell NFTs that nobody is buying off from you, the point is not to exactly make money by selling them, but actually, conduct tax deductions by doing so. You’ll receive 0.000007 ETH (roughly $0.01) for each NFT you sell – the amount of ETH you receive will vary based on the current exchange price USD – ETH, but it is targeted to $0.01.

In the event that you purchased your NFT for a price exceeding $0.01 and choose to sell it to Unsellable, it is highly likely that you will qualify for a tax deduction. This deduction can potentially reduce your tax liability for the current year, or alternatively, you can carry it forward to offset future tax obligations.

The impact of this deduction on your tax bill for the current year is subject to various factors that influence your overall tax burden, including income, capital gains, and other expenses. It’s important to note that each individual’s tax circumstances are unique, and we strongly recommend consulting with a tax professional to determine the most effective approach to optimize your specific tax situation.

#6 – Wallet Guard

Wallet Guard, is an exceptional open-source browser extension equipped with cutting-edge features like transaction simulation and proactive phishing detection. The platform is supported by a team of industry experts and strategic partners such as Metamask, Chain Analysis, Consensys, Ethereal Ventures, and more.

Stops phishing attempts before you even have a chance to connect your wallet by getting human-readable insights on every transaction that you do so you have exactly a perfect understanding of what is going in & out of your wallet.

It needs to be noted that Your preferred wallet extension cannot communicate with the Wallet Guard extension or any other extension for that matter. It would be a significant security vulnerability if they allowed private keys or seed phrases to be exposed.

#5 – NFT Storage

NFT.Storage revolutionizes long-term storage for off-chain NFT data, including metadata, images, and various assets, with an impressive individual upload capacity of up to 31GB. Utilizing IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), the data is content-addressed, ensuring a unique and immutable URI (“ipfs://…”) for each piece of information via a content identifier (CID). This approach guarantees that the NFT consistently and verifiably references the intended data, eliminating risks like rug pulls and providing trustless verification of associated content.

To ensure data durability, NFT.Storage employs a dual storage strategy on the public IPFS network. Firstly, uploaded data is stored in dedicated IPFS servers managed by NFT.Storage. Additionally, decentralization is achieved through storage on Filecoin, a decentralized storage network. Furthermore, thanks to the compatibility of IPFS with various storage services, redundancy can be easily achieved by duplicating NFT.Storage data on other IPFS-compatible solutions, such as pinning services, local IPFS nodes, or alternative storage networks like Arweave or Storj. As NFT.Storage continues to evolve, it strives to increasingly decentralize itself and serve as a public good.

#4 – NFT Nerds

Experience unparalleled speed and precision with NFT Nerds cross-marketplace listings feed, offering real-time support for OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2.

Stay ahead in the gas war and eliminate fees for failed transactions by leveraging valuable information on pending transactions. Gain a competitive edge with markers identifying whale and notable groups, allowing you to quickly identify the actions of those well-versed in the industry. Supporting both paid and free versions for people who want to try it out.

#3 – NFTfi

Unlock the power of your NFTs with NFTfi, the platform that enables you to securely and anonymously obtain a crypto loan. Safeguard your assets while leveraging your NFT holdings to borrow popular cryptocurrencies like wETH, USDC, and DAI. By collateralizing your NFTs, you can access loans from lenders without worrying about automatic liquidations. Enjoy the flexibility of fixed loan terms tailored to your needs.

#2 – Sol Incinerator

SOL Incinerator is a simple dapp that basically allows you to burn your useless NFTs that are lying in your current wallet, whatever they are rug pulls, spam adverts, or something else, you have the ability to actually destroy the record and release all the existing Solana underneath the smart contract.

When it comes to burning NFTs, the majority will reward you with 0.01 SOL. For tokens, the typical return is 0.002 SOL. However, it’s important to note that specific NFTs, such as scam tokens, also fall under the 0.002 SOL category. Additionally, if the NFT was minted using Magic Eden’s open creator protocol, you have the opportunity to reclaim 0.004 SOL. Unfortunately, compressed NFTs do not offer any SOL reclamation.

#1 – Bueno ART

Bueno empowers you to effortlessly create and launch NFT collections of up to 10,000 items—no coding skills required. Here’s how it works: simply upload your assets, customize rarity parameters, define rules, preview your token set, and generate your collection within minutes. Once ready, deploy your smart contract seamlessly using the Bueno Deployer tool.

Looking to foster a vibrant community around your NFT collection? Enter the Microverse, our 2D metaverse builder designed to bring your community together for interactive conversations and engaging activities. In the Microverse, your community can connect, chat, and enjoy shared experiences.

That’s all for today what we gotta share there are plenty of other alternatives to many dapps, tools, and extensions we covered in this article. Leave questions below if you have any concerns about the sites featured today.


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