Economics of Onlyfans Market

One of the fastest-growing websites Onlyfans which is attracting a ~70% growth rate per month has been extremely lucrative for people in the adult industry, especially among some other celebrities. The question you may have is – how much are these people making per month and how much can I make myself? Well let’s start breaking down some of the economics behind all of this and how to get started with making money with Onlyfans.

Let’s start by looking at how much some of the most popular accounts (based on likes) are actually making on this website on a monthly basis now these numbers are estimates given by FansMetrics since most creators haven’t made their follower amounts public on the platform.

# Name Subscription Price Monthly Income Estimate (Gross)
1 Natalie Monroe $4,90/month $7.8M – 9.75M
2 Bryce Adams $6,99/month $5.3M
3 Bhad Bhabie $23,99/month $3.56M – 4.45M
4 Mistress Cardi $49/month $2.83M – 3.54M
5 Brittanya VIP $6/month $1.39M – 1.74M
6 Trippie Bri $5.99/month $683k – 797k
7 Waifumiaa $3.15/month $546k – 683k
8 Peyton Kinsly $5/month $464k – 773k
9 Maitland Ward $9,99$/month $122k – 204k
10 Nala $8,99/month $91k – 152k

The Onlyfans platform takes a 20% cut from each subscription that the followers purchase. So in short if you make 1,000$ a month via subscription you will get paid 800$. Compared to some other industries the revenue split isn’t half bad, now the burning question here is “Oh yeah top people are making a ton of money” but does the income trickle down to smaller creators?

  • There are around ~225M users on the onlyfans platform right now out of those around ~2M are creators so plenty of potential customers to go around.
  • According to estimates provided by the team, the average monthly income for a creator currently is ~180$ while that may not sound like something to quit your job, but when you compare it to what your average YouTuber or Blogger makes, that’s a hundred times better.  Some sources say the average subscription count per creator is around 21 meaning that they are likely charging ~7$/month ballpark to get that 180$ a month. Like most business ventures, they tend to scale and get bigger, so you should only think of that number as a starting point.
  • OnlyFans’ own blog suggests that you can expect to convert around ~1.2-1.5% of your social media followers to OnlyFans subscribers. So to get 100 subscribers, you need around 10,000 social media followers.

So all things considered, if you are an attractive woman/man there is a realm possibility to make some legit income via subscription without too much effort, outside of getting a phone that can take pictures that isn’t a potato. Of course, there are people who post Music and other content on this platform as well, but it’s usually the more adult-oriented content that performs best (98% of the content is porn/adult stuff).

How to Get Started with Onlyfans?

Now, there are various niches inside Onlyfans and what type of content some people push there, we are gonna explore the basics of the mainstream appeal on the site. The base criteria to get started is to be at least 18 years old (You have to do an ID verification on the platform, which may take up to 72h to get verified). Only after this are you allowed to set up your “creator” account.

  1. The first task is to decide whether you are giving up content for free, paid per post, or just a general monthly subscription. I’m quite sure all of these have their perks. For instance, if you already are selling some types of products or merchandise, doing content for free might be a great option. If not – then you might want to go for paid models.
  2. Secondary Revenue source is by referring other users to the platform, this requires a lot of networking but you get 5% of the creator’s earnings for the first 12 months which can be quite profitable for some.
  3. Let’s assume you already have done this for a couple of weeks and you’re not attracting anyone to your profile, then what? You have to start promoting your onlyfans page, maybe you’re a private person and you don’t want family/friends to know about it so you have to go through a marketing service. We will touch upon that point in the next segment.

Almost 2/3 of all creators charge between $5 and $15 as of 2023 (meaning ~82% of creators charge less than 20$ per month) and this trend has continued since then. Naturally, this has a huge influence on the average income for all Onlyfans creators.

Common sense applies to Onlyfans as it does to many other social platforms, be engaging, post content frequently (if you can) and keep eye on what the competition is doing and perhaps try to adapt a thing or two from them while sticking up to your own strengths. If you are making a burst of money in the beginning consider investing a bit of that into a better camera or studio that you are using (this can be many things depending on what you do).

Best Promotion Tools for Onlyfans

Coming from the YouTube/Blogging background, there is a bit of a saying that applies when you start in this industry which is “You have to spend as much time into promotion as you do on the content itself in the beginning”. Often not the content itself is just half of the work, promotion tends to be a big part in the beginning, especially with onlyfans because there aren’t many in-built ways on the website that gets you free exposure.

Outside of the traditional social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, VK, Telegram, Whatsapp, and Twitter, you should look into more specialized services especially if you want to keep your anonymity! There are also agencies but I’ve heard mixed things about them, so I would probably avoid them.

  • CreatorTraffic – Probably the largest advertising network specialized on Onlyfans exclusively they give deals to agencies and creators – there is also an option to try out a free trial with them too
  • Reddit – Now there are a couple of subreddits where you are allowed to post your onlyfans images and account, there used to be a lot more of these but these communities eventually were shut down, some clever creators who create more SFW content tend to post some of their cosplay images to certain game based subreddits this is one successful method. Other subreddits where you can post Onlyfans images & accounts are /r/shawties, /r/OnlyFans101/ & /r/onlyfansadvice
  • Pornhub Community – For doing teasers or trailers for onlyfans pages pornhub is an excellent option just make sure to watermark your video content to avoid people reposting and stealing it.
  • Onlysearch – This is basically a search engine designed to find Onlyfans profiles out there, they have free submission system where your account will be added to the database, and on top of that they do have paid promotions options available.
  • OnlyFansHero – A Media account dedicated to promoting NSFW Onlyfans profiles that offers both free and Paid services.
  • FindModels – Bit more expensive marketing option for those who have deeper topics, functions as an onlyfans profile gallery.
  • SeoClerk – Some very affordable promotion, logo design, and other video/graphic services that you may need for your onlyfans profile.
  • Fiverr – Another place where you can hire promotion and other types of services related to onlyfans.

That’s what we have to share for now. Also, explore some Onlyfans alternatives out there, if you aren’t 100% sure if onlyfans is the right choice for you and maybe you have better chances at some of these other platforms if you are interested in making money other ways check out money-making methods we have written in our website.

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