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Today we are going to look at one of the Onlyfans competitors known as MyM (or earlier we had a breakdown of many other Onlyfans alternatives out there. But today’s review is only about MYM and why you should try it instead or alongside Onlyfans. is a social networking platform primarily utilized by models to establish a consistent source of income. Within your profile, you have the ability to showcase both public content and locked content that can be accessed through subscriptions.

To access locked content, fans are required to pay a monthly subscription fee, which you have the flexibility to set. This subscription fee generates revenue for you on a monthly basis. Additionally, fans have the option to make custom content requests, which you as the model can choose to accept or decline.


What Exactly is MYM & How does it work

MYM is a platform that enables creators to sell their photos and videos through a monthly subscription model. The acronym MYM stands for Me You More, reflecting the platform’s aim to connect creators from various fields such as models, chefs, adult stars, sports coaches, prognosticators, artists, influencers, and more.

On MYM, creators offer exclusive content to their fans, who can access it by subscribing for a nominal monthly fee. This platform serves as a meeting point, bringing creators and their fans together, and fostering a supportive community where fans can enjoy and support their favorite creators for a small monthly contribution.

Creators can upload content, whether videos or photos, that they would not share on other social networks. The content is blurred on your profile until members subscribe. Once they subscribe, that content is accessible.

Creators can set their subscription fees at a monthly or annual rate. “Models” can also create custom content upon request from their fans, setting the price as they go. They can also send “bonus” photos to subscribers and fans have the option to pay to unlock these photos.

There are many unique features that are only exclusive to MyM that don’t exist in some of the platforms.

Base Requirements to Become a Creator at MYM

To begin using MYM, you must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Verification of your age will be necessary, requiring a valid ID (Passport, Drivers license, or another identity card).

While not mandatory, it is advisable to have an established presence on another social network such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, or Twitter before launching your MYM fans account. Having a pre-existing community on these platforms can facilitate the process of earning money more efficiently and faster.

How much Money I can make with MyM?

Models on have the opportunity to retain up to 90% of their earnings. The specific percentage varies depending on the type of earnings generated. For subscriptions, models can earn 75%, for private photos it’s 80%, and for tips, they can earn 90%. These fees are standard on subscription sites and contribute to the hosting and support required to operate the platform.

In addition, there is a bank transaction fee of 7% that is deducted before calculating the payment percentage. If this seems complicated, let’s illustrate it with an example:

  • Let’s say you have 10 subscribers who each pay €10 per month, resulting in a total of €100 per month.
  • Price paid by the user: €100 + 20% VAT = €120 Bank charges: €120 * 7% = €8.4 Commission calculation: (€100 – €8.4) * 80% = €73.28
  • Note; There is also a PayPal option which is significantly cheaper

Essentially, around 1.5% to 5% of your fans will subscribe to your account (According to certain studies and data driven out of other sites like these). The more fans you have and the higher your conversion rate of fans to subscribers, the greater your monthly earnings will be.

What are the base requirements to get paid with MyM? 

  • Have a certified account (Complete ID Verification)
  • Have added a payment method to your account (Bank or PayPal)
  • Have earned at least 50€ of validated income

These requirements are industry standards that help ensure you are of legal age and authentic, protecting both the platform and its users. Many of these requirements are fulfilled during the certification process through other steps.

One of the notable advantages of is that once your account is certified, you have the flexibility to choose the frequency of your payments. As long as you reach the earnings threshold of $50, you can receive payments:

  • Twice a week
  • Once a week
  • Twice a month
  • Once a month

This gives you control over how often you receive your earnings, allowing you to align them with your financial preferences and needs.


MyM is Fastest Growing Adult Platform

Doing content at other platforms like Onlyfans isn’t actually an exclusivity deal, meaning you can post your content on both platforms and make money from everywhere, which is something I truly recommend.

Currently, MyM is the #2 largest platform in Europe and is closing to becoming also largest in the world after Fansly, which has only done a good job taking market share from Onlyfans.

The point really I’m trying to hammer through is to take benefit from all of these platforms and see what works out best. Premium partnership with MyM also gives you 1% extra earnings from all sources so that’s pretty cool too.

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