Best Alternative to HoneyGain? Introducing Packetstream

Earlier we did a full compilation of Bandwidth Vendors that pay for leasing internet, but today we are gonna do a focused review on Packetstream.

If you’re seeking a convenient method to earn some additional income, PacketStream might be your guy basically they claim to compensate you for sharing your internet bandwidth. It might sound too good to be true, making it natural to approach such an offer with caution.

It’s completely understandable to have reservations and exercise caution in such situations. It’s always prudent to verify the authenticity of any offer before committing to it. That’s precisely what I would do in your position.

So, the question remains: Is PacketStream a legitimate opportunity or is it a scam? Quick answer no, but we are gonna break down everything you want to know about Packetstream before you start grinding money with it.

Getting started with Packetstream

PacketStream operates as a peer-to-peer proxy network that offers compensation for sharing your bandwidth. By participating in this network, users from around the globe gain access to internet content that might otherwise be inaccessible or modified.

It’s important to note that PacketStream is a legitimate platform, and its concept is similar to that of Honeygain. But what exactly do the users who utilize your shared bandwidth receive? Essentially, PacketStream enables customers to bypass restrictions often encountered with conventional VPN or proxy services. It acts as a universal key, unlocking access to content that is typically limited to specific regions.

To gain a clear understanding of the earning potential of this platform, let’s delve into the various opportunities it provides. Your first way to make money is to become one of the people who are lending their bandwidth and earning money that way.

Upon becoming a Packeter, the first step is to download the PacketStream Client from the dashboard’s download section. Subsequently, you will be prompted to download the PacketStream app, which typically occupies around 70+ MB of storage, depending on your computer’s operating system.

Once the client software is successfully installed, all you need to do is log in to your account, and the earning process begins. It’s as simple as that. The software will automatically allocate your bandwidth to customers who wish to utilize PacketStream’s services.

You won’t need to actively engage in any tasks. Just ensure that the software runs in the background. However, it’s important to note that your internet connection speed may be affected when your bandwidth is being utilized. This is a potential drawback of being a Packeter.


Great Referral Program for Extra Money

As depicted in the image provided, you have the opportunity to earn a 20% commission based on the earnings of your referred individuals on the site. It’s important to note that PacketStream covers the commission, and it does not deduct from your referral’s earnings.

In my opinion, a 20% commission rate is quite reasonable. However, it is crucial to ensure that the individuals you invite are genuinely interested in sharing their bandwidth. This is because your earnings are directly tied to the earnings of your referrals. If your referrals do not earn anything, you will not earn anything either. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on inviting individuals who actively participate in the platform.

Getting Paid from Packetstream

PacketStream compensates you for sharing your bandwidth with its customers. However, it’s important to understand that you are not directly paid for the bandwidth you share. Instead, you receive payment based on the amount of data you provide by sharing your bandwidth.

For every 1 Gigabyte of data you share, you will earn $0.10. Once your earnings reach at least $5, you can request payment via PayPal. It’s worth noting that PayPal is the only payment method available on the site.

If you’re serious about joining PacketStream, it is essential to have a PayPal account before signing up. Keep in mind that a 3% fee will be deducted from your cashouts, so the amount you receive will be slightly less than the requested payout.

However, one aspect I appreciate is their low payout threshold. It is easier to reach, allowing you to request payouts more frequently and quickly. By far what I’ve seen this may be the lowest payout threshold in the space right now.


Supported Devices for the Client

The software provided by PacketStream is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows computers. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to earn from this site using your mobile device, you will be disappointed as their software is not available for mobile platforms. Moreover, utilizing your mobile device to earn from PacketStream may not be necessary or recommended.

Sharing your mobile device’s bandwidth can be costly as it may contribute to your data consumption and result in additional charges. However, if you have an unlimited data plan, using your mobile device’s connection as an alternative source of bandwidth could be an option.

Additionally, your mobile device can be handy if you wish to quickly check your earnings without logging into your computer. By logging into the PacketStream site, you can easily view the amount you have earned. This feature can be particularly useful for tracking the bandwidth you have shared when you are away from home.


Final Words

If you are seeking a passive method to earn extra income, PacketStream could be worth considering. It provides a straightforward way to earn, and it offers a convenient payment system.

However, in my view, this site is particularly advantageous for individuals who are not heavy internet users. If you frequently browse the internet or rely on your internet connection consistently, using the PacketStream software may pose a minor inconvenience, especially if you have a lower internet plan in a developing country.

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