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Crypto domains are becoming increasingly more popular among the crypto userbase just like with regular Domain Flipping there is a high value on short letter/number domains and names are related to big brands like Tesla, apple, and Netflix for instance. Due to Domains being rooted into NFT technology, this has allowed vibrant marketplaces emergence for flipping domains, in this article we are gonna go through these sites that sell domains and also cover 2nd hand markets where you can flip them too.

I also want to add that there are a lot of these domain sites that may conduct future airdrops, so it’s wise to acquire at least 1 cheap domain from each one to be eligible for drops that can be quite valuable down the line.

Space ID is a decentralized domain marketplace where you can buy, but also sell crypto domains under Arbitrum, Ethereum name service, and also Binance smart chain. They also have an ongoing airdrop for people who are buying domains under their platform and registering them.

If you are new to crypto and don’t have too much technological knowledge, Unstoppable Domains is a rather user-friendly experience you can opt-in for buying Crypto based domains. They offer payments with PayPal, Directly with metamask, Credit/Debit card, and transfer. One of the perks of these domains is that they are with you forever, some others have to be renewed on a yearly basis.

  • Domain names for sale: .crypto / .nft / .wallet / .blockchain / .x / .polygon / .dao / .888 / .zil / .bitcoin
  • Blockchains Supported:  Ethereum (ETH) & Zilliqa (ZIL)
  • Secondary Marketplaces: OpenSea & Rarible
  • Cheapest Domain Price: 20$/lifetime
  • Register/Buy Domain:

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is considered the blue-chip project of crypto domains having the most amount of volume in trades, probably the most amount of domains registered, and also integrated into many existing crypto wallets like Metamask and alike.

  • Domain names for sale: .eth
  • Blockchains Supported:  Ethereum (ETH)
  • Secondary Marketplaces: OpenSea, Rarible, Looksrare & Blur
  • Cheapest Domain Price: ~5$/year + Gas Fee
  • Register/Buy Domain:

Tezos domains is a decentralized domain service and apparently the only one in the chain as well. They announced last year that they will be conducting an airdrop at some point, so it may turn out to wise acquire one of these domains before timestamps are taken (especially because these domains are very affordable sitting at ~1$ as of writing this article).

  • Domain names for sale: .tez
  • Blockchains Supported:  Tezos (XTZ)
  • Secondary Marketplaces: Objkt
  • Cheapest Domain Price: 1 XTZ/year
  • Register/Buy Domain:

Stacks is one of the bigger builders in the Bitcoin ecosystem and recently they launched the first .btc-based domains that are minted in the stacks sidechain basically that’s sort of top of the Bitcoin mainnet. I think these might be potentially quite undervalued right now (Not financial advice DYOR)

    • Domain names for sale: .btc
    • Blockchains Supported:  Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Secondary Marketplaces: Gamma
    • Cheapest Domain Price: N/A
    • Register/Buy Domain:


If we are missing something out here, like a crucial domain seller for a specific blockchain well let us know in the comments.

By Lite G

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