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Hey, Dudes & Dudettes it’s time to talk about AI stuff again, last time I covered some Amazing AI Image Prompters and today we are gonna go through some alternatives for ChatGPT, since not only there is downtime for the app, but also many countries have started to ban it last one being Italy the first European country to do so joining among with other countries like China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba.

I’m sure more controversies will build around chatGPT and its availability in other countries, so this article will become more relevant as time goes on.

Writesonic is quite a well-liked option among people who want to run SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free articles for their blogs and websites. So this has a less casual approach to things compared to ChatGPT for instance. Outside of their top-notch writing service, they offer there is also an image generator they have called Photosonic that you can use too.

What I really like about their service is that when you ask complex questions from the Chatsonic, it will also give actual link sources to these articles instead of giving very alleged information like ChatGPT has a tendency to do (Which to be fair is very sus). Their free version comes along with 10,000 words per month which can actually run out quite fast, but I would say their paid plans are not too shabby. Overall I am really digging the user interface and how the website feels and works, it’s just miles ahead of what ChatGPT has achieved.

Next up we have Jasper which is quite a popular alternative that is used by a lot of businesses (so I’ve heard) and one of the reasons for that is the powerful language understanding capabilities. It can accurately interpret the nuances of human language, including identifying sentiment, extracting entities and relationships, and discerning intent. This makes JasperAI a versatile tool for a wide range of applications, from customer service chatbots to sentiment analysis in social media monitoring.

One of the other key advantages of JasperAI is its ability to continually learn and improve over time. Through ongoing training with large datasets, JasperAI can enhance its accuracy, understanding, and generation capabilities, ensuring that it remains at the cutting edge of AI technology. This adaptability and continuous improvement make JasperAI a future-proof solution for businesses and organizations looking to harness the power of AI in their operations. Let us know if you have examples of this to share with us by commenting below

  • Pricing: Starts at $24/month
  • Specialty: Natural Dialogue
  • Free Trial: Yes (5 days free)
  • Signup:

Rytr is an affordable AI writing assistant that allows you to create content for blogs, brands, websites, emails, copywriting, song lyrics, keyword generation, youtube video descriptions, and a lot more other specific niche stuff you can think of. Inside the Rytr App, you have the ability to choose what use case you are going for so the AI will generate more relevant stuff to that subject, which is actually quite an amazing feature and something I run into issues with ChatGPT a lot for instance.

On top of this, there is also an AI Image generator that actually turns out to be a rather nice quality and there is also a chatbot which you can talk with and ask some specific questions you may have (This feature is basically a chatGPT clone essentially). So technically by utilizing all the tools Rytr has to offer you can prompt both articles/data with images very easily.

Copy.AI is another excellent alternative to ChatGPT giving a lot of good template options for people who are looking for specific tasks done whether it’s doing emails or blog posts on their site. There is also a search function for questions and what I really like about this one each time you ask something it will give you an answer and sources are also cited along with it.

They got a pretty nice layout on the website and you have the ability to also team members to look at things you have prompted, so if you are coordinating as a group or as a company this is probably quite the ideal option for businesses. It is however using GPT-4 underneath but gives you a more specialized experience, however.

Next up we have a clean-looking alternative called Perplexity AI, which does the simple function of finding your data from multiple articles out there and giving you sources when you ask certain questions. It doesn’t create content however like ChatGPT does and has definitely a woke bias on many subjects and likely exists to keep people in Pro-Matrix thinking bubble of sorts.

So in the future, it will likely collect a lot of data from its users and sell that onwards and that will be its revenue model, or at some point, they will release a paid version, hard to say at this point right now.

Marmof is another AI Powered writer tool that creates content for your website, whether you are creating emails for clients, blog posts, marketing copies in BAB formula, Bullet point answers, Google Ad headlines, SEO Meta titles, Amazon product features, or something else. Top of the ability to choose from these different presets the Marmof AI also has the ability to change the tone of the text, from professional, friendly, witty, humorous, convincing, inspiring, playful, negative, positive, etc.

I have to say after playing around with some of these settings I do find Marmof being able to bulk create AI content in a reasonable phase and they claim on their website that none of it is plagiarized from the actual web. However, this is quite an expensive alternative to many others on the list

  • Pricing: Starts at $27/month
  • Specialty: Marketing
  • Free Trial: Free Credits included on signup
  • Signup:

Now that’s what we gotta share for now, there are a lot of other Artificial Intelligence articles of great value on our website so I recommend taking a look at them if you want to learn more about making money with AI or just learning about different features and applications that exist.

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