Collection of Best Crypto Currency Faucets

There are many ways to earn Crypto on the internet previously we talked about Browse-2-Earn options and today we will focus on Top Crypto Faucets, which are great options for people who do not exactly have money to invest in crypto. The idea is to feature high-quality faucets that pay well and don’t have malware in this post, I’m going to leave out some very obscure coins/tokens that nobody cares about.

While Bitcoin has very high fees can make it a bit harder to obtain via faucets, however, there are services like FaucetPay which functions as a micro wallet that allows you to claim more frequently and even trade BTC to other assets if you want to withdraw faster.

BTC Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Windice  0.000533 BTC Dice site with in-built Bitcoin faucet if you have zero balance
FaucetCrypto  0.000010 BTC A Multicoin faucet service that has an in-built advertising network and PTC ads that pay you
Betfury  0.00005 BTC A Gambling site that has BTC & BET faucet that you can claim after a certain time has passed
Ember Fund  10$ Mobile App that uses cloud mining to get you rewards in realtime
AdbtcTOP  Depends This site allows you to surf different types of adverts & websites in exchange for satoshi rewards this site is however in Portuguese but you can use the auto-translate feature in your browser however
Rollercoin  0.0001 BTC RollerCoin is an innovative online mining simulator game that allows you to earn actual crypto while enjoying the game. Create and manage your virtual data center, and start mining to earn real cash.
Cryptoflare   0,00001 BTC New Bitcoin faucet that has Ad surfing, Games, Tasks, a dice game, offerwalls, shortlinks, and many other ways to earn satoshi rewards
sMiles None Move-2-Earn Bitcoin application with other ways to earn via offerwalls, free spin wheel, and other games. Withdrawals are done via Lightning Network
Noah App None Chat-2-Earn application that pays for being active on their discord, among this there is a referral program and other tasks that pay you in Lightning Network


One of the original big faucet coins Doge is still an excellent choice, especially after Elon started to pump this coin more frequently. There are lot of different faucet options for Dogecoin out there which is good.

DOGE Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Nanogames  95.0232 DOGE Daily Spin Raffle where you can win Dogecoin rewards
Cointiply  30,000 balance Play games, Fill surveys, generic faucet and other tools to earn in different ways crypto
Autofaucet  3 DOGE A simple auto faucet that also offers surveys, offerwalls, video offers, PTC, mining, and daily bonuses in DOGE, depending on what payout methods you use the fees will change (no fee on faucetpay withdrawal for instance)
Rollercoin  30 DOGE Gaming platform with multiple cryptos supported
Faucet of bob  2.19 DOGE This faucet offers PTC Ads, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, CPU Mining, and more (Alongside a referral program that offers a 15% cut)
Faucetoshi  Zero Earn Doge via tasks, shortlinks, auto faucet, and through their referral program that gives 10% of your friends earnings
Dutchycorp  0.7 DOGE Multicoin auto faucet website that offers staking options, offerwalls, swaps, and more


Ethereum tends to have very high transaction fees and that is why there aren’t a lot of services offering direct withdrawals for ETH, there are however some minor faucets that may operate outside of the mainnet or just have very high minimum withdrawal sums.

ETH Faucets Minimum Payout Description
A-Crypto Instant  You can claim ETH every 5 minutes by claiming with this faucet also offers offerwalls (Payments go to Faucetpay)
Rollercoin  0.008 ETH Minigame platform that is built around a mining simulation game that pays crypto for rankings
Faucetoshi  Zero Nice multi-coin faucet website with PTC, lottery, achievements, auto faucet, and other things to earn ETH with
Coinpot  0.0000053 ETH A Big multi-coin faucet site that supports Ethereum withdrawals to faucetpay and also to Coinex
Bucksify  0.01633 ETH Professional-looking faucet with emphasis on surveys and all types of other tasks with high payouts


Another great coin to grind out is Litecoin (LTC) since there are a lot of faucets out there and the blockchain has very low fees.

LTC Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Litecoin Giveaway  0.001 LTC Mobile application that pays you monthly by playing random games also has a referral system
FaucetCrypto  N/A A Multicoin faucet has a lot of different methods to earn LTC including PTC, Referrals, Achievements, Offerwalls, etc.
Pro infinity  0.0001 LTC A lot of different ways to earn LTC via PTC, shortlinks, offerwalls, and referrals, allowing direct withdrawals to popular exchanges out there
Firefaucet  0.043 LTC Excellent multi-coin faucet that offers auto faucet and offerwalls among lucrative affiliate program with a 20% cut
Cointiply  30,000 balance Over 20 ways to earn real Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC) rewards


Polygon used to have a lot more faucets in the past when it had a lot lower fees, but with current fee rates, there has been decreasing interest in running a matic faucet due to this. That being said there are still plenty of options to grind some extra matic in a lot of sites.

Matic Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Pipeflare  0.25 MATIC Multicoin faucet that has multiple earning methods from games, raffles, NFTs, and referrals for instance
Stakely  Instant A Twitter-based faucet that requires you to make a tweet in order to get a payment
Althub  0.40 MATIC Basic faucet site that has offerwalls and traditional crypto faucet (Daily withdrawal)
BanFaucet  0.21 MATIC Very vast multi-coin faucet that offers challenges, offerwalls, a referral program, weekly contests, PTC, lottery, and other tasks which give you points that are converted into coins.
Rollercoin  5 MATIC Gaming hub with interesting faucet model (only supports direct withdrawals to matic)
Faucet Of Bob  0.17 MATIC A Multicoin faucet that has multiple ways to earn Polygon with the opportunity to withdraw directly to faucetpay or coinbase
Autofaucet  0.24 MATIC If you are looking for an auto claim option this may be good for you then, offers both faucetpay and direct withdrawal for your matic coins

Near Crypto Faucet

NEAR Protocol is a blockchain-based platform that aims to make decentralized applications (dApps) more accessible and user-friendly for developers and end-users alike. One of the ways to do this is by having sharding functionality and incredibly low transaction fees which makes it an ideal Faucet coin.

NEAR Faucets Minimum Payout Description
DutchyCorp 0.02 NEAR Final Autofaucet is a multi-coin crypto faucet that has many different ways to earn crypto but mostly focuses on auto faucet
Sweatcoin 1.0 SWEAT This is a Walk-2-earn application that pays you in SWEAT tokens that are very liquid and can be traded into NEAR in any DEX or centralized exchange (mobile only)


The most popular privacy coin Monero (XMR) also has a fair amount of crypto faucets out there.

XMR Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Allcoins  0.005 XMR OG Faucet that has an on-site mining option among traditional faucets and PTC ads
Swissfaucet  N/A Multicoin faucet with multiple earning options and supports Monero payments
Dutchycorp  0.001 XMR A generic auto faucet website with the ability to swap cryptos with each other
Firefaucet  0.025 XMR Great multi-coin faucet that gives XMR rewards in many different ways


Just a base note here, when it comes to Nano (XNO) there are no fees when you transact with the blockchain, making basically all faucets have instant withdrawals which are great, but on the other hand, many of these may have 1-time use only or things get drained out sometimes.

XNO Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Nanswap Instant Payout Cool Nano DEX that comes along with Traditional faucet and CPU Mining feature for extra Nano rewards
Firefaucet  4.18 NANO Those who want to get higher NANO faucet rewards might want to look into what Firefaucet has to offer
FreeNanoFaucet Instant Payout Simple Nano Faucet that pays small sum of NANO to each address
PlayerKillersExchange Instant Payout Earn Nano with instant cashouts! The ultimate RPG faucet experience. Kill 3 players or 33 NPCs to cashout
Get XNO Instant Payout A simple faucet that allows you to claim Ӿ0.0001 every 30 minutes
Nanodrop Instant Payout A very simple faucet that gives you nano each time you complete a captcha basically
CryptoVision Instant Payout Video aggregator site that shares YouTube videos and by watching the content you will get paid in Nano Rewards
WeNano Instant Payout Mobile application that works out as a GEO Faucet by visiting locations you get paid in NANO rewards
icanhaznano Instant Payout This faucet allows you to claim 3 per day and has a random chance to pay more with each claim
Prussia Faucet Instant Payout Seemingly a single Nano payment-based faucet made by a Nano developer
Lucky Nano Instant Payout You get free casino rolls on this site – how often seems unknown to me
PlayNano Instant Payout Watch videos and do other fun tasks in order to get extra Nano rewards
CSquared Instant Payout Dripping faucet with a decent XNO reward payout
GetNano Instant Payout Very cool raffle Nano faucet that gives a random sum each time if lucky you get paid more also has a referral program available


XRP is a great coin to grind out on faucets due to having extremely low fees in general when sending transactions. Remember that some payouts require a destination tag and make sure to have enough XRP on your account.

XRP Faucets Minimum Payout Description
CryptoFuture  Instant This faucet automatically pays XRP to your FaucetPay account directly
Dutchycorp  0.10 XRP Auto claim faucet for claiming XRP and other cryptocurrencies with support payments to faucetpay or direct Ripple wallet
Coinpot  1 XRP A Multi-coin faucet with support for Ripple rewards via multiple faucets on their website
Allcoins  2 XRP Old school faucet site that I’ve used for long time, has many ways to earn crypto including XRP


Cardano may not be super popular among many faucet websites due to high transaction fees, but there are still a couple of these sites which are offering ADA faucets out there. You also may want to consider staking your ADA rewards if you accumulate a large sum.

ADA Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Althub  1.5 ADA Pretty basic faucet with a referral program, offerwalls, and other things – you can only withdraw once a day Cardano with this one
Dutchycorp  1.15 ADA Auto faucet website that has a lot of advertisements and an in-built coin exchange system
Bithub  N/A Multiple ways to earn ADA on this faucet, pay in mind there are a lot of advertisements on this one…
Coinpayu  N/A A basic faucet website that has an inactivity system that will wipe your account balances to zero if you do not log in frequently enough
Pro Infinity  0.45 ADA Allows withdrawals directly to Coinbase, Binance & Coinex for ADA which affects the minimum withdrawal sum
Firefaucet  10.5 ADA Supports direct withdrawals to Cardano wallet (Many ways to earn ADA rewards via different faucets)
Autofaucet  1.35 ADA Yet another option to grind out ADA with auto claim faucets among couple of other methods via this site


Tron is an OK choice for rather cheap transactions, still has a very vibrant and big Asian community top of this you can stake the token and earn a lot of extra top of the faucet earnings you can make out there.

TRX Faucets Minimum Payout Description
BC Game  236 TRX A casino site that has a daily faucet roll that has TRX potential rewards.
Banfaucet  N/A A Multicoin faucet with a lot of earning opportunities including TRX
Coinpayu  N/A Allows you to surf advertisements in exchange for TRX payouts and also has some offerwalls options too in their website
Dutchycorp  0.7 TRX Auto-claim faucet with some contests as well to earn extra TRX or other cryptocurrencies in the platform
Rollercoin  N/A RollerCoin is a play-to-earn (P2E) online video game designed to let players earn Bitcoin (BTC) and other popular cryptos whilst playing
VieFaucet  0.075 TRX A great option for grinding out Tron faucet rewards from shortlinks, PTC, offerwalls, and through the normal faucet, you can use also the balance to advertise your own links
Autofaucet  Zero Very simple auto claim faucet that gives the option to withdraw in many currencies including TRX (both faucetpay & direct withdrawals supported)
Pasino 3 TRX Chance to with 1 TRX every 24h with the daily win spin wheel
FreeFaucet.Biz Zero Claim to get a random amount of TRX anywhere from 0.0004 to 1 TRX per claim


One of the cheapest coins to use out there, which has made Solana very popular among new faucets in the space.

SOL Faucets Minimum Payout Description
FaucetCrypto  0.01 SOL Great multi-coin faucet that has many methods to earn SOL including Offerwalls, PTC ads, and traditional timed faucet
SOLFaucet  Instant Claim SOL every 24h you must maintain a balance of 0.00089088 in order to keep claiming from this specific faucet
Dutchycorp  0.002 SOL Autofaucet website with offerwalls options
Autofaucet  Zero Offers auto faucet capabilities with a direct withdrawal into faucetpay
Rollercoin  0.53 SOL A Hub for different types of games that give you rewards in different currencies including Solana
VieFaucet  N/A This faucet has multiple ways to earn SOL and different coins available as well
Banfaucet 0.012 SOL Another multi-coin faucet with multiple earning methods to get SOL


Banano is a fork of Nano so you don’t have to worry about transaction fees since there aren’t any. I recommend getting a Kalium wallet since you will be needing to change your representative, in order to claim some of these faucet rewards.

BAN Faucets Minimum Payout Description
JungleTV  0.01 BAN You earn BAN by just watching videos on the platform, you can use the balance to promote your own youtube video links as well (auto-withdraws when you reach 10 BAN)
Nanswap  Instant Simple Banano faucet that has dex that allows you to trade different DAG-based coins, plus a very gracious referral program that gives you 100% earnings of referrer claims
Banfaucet  17.8 BAN Vast faucet with a lot of different earning methods not only offers BAN but also NANO as well among some other altcoins
BananoCrop  N/A A Game that pays higher sums of BAN based on the leaderboard rankings you have in the game
Banoboto’s Future Faucet  Instant A Basic captcha BAN faucet that pays every 24 hours and a bonus reward long as the BAN balance exceeds 100
Prussia Faucet  Instant Daily BAN Claim and gives higher payments long as it has over 100 BAN Balance
CSquared Daily Banano Dispensary  Instant  Complete a captcha and you can claim BAN with this faucet every 24 hours, also scales with higher payments long  as the faucet balance stays above 100 BAN
Perry’s Banano Faucet  Instant  You can claim BAN every 24h with this faucet, it will also pay a higher sum long as the faucet balance is over 100 BAN
Only-bans  Instant  The only-bans faucet has a lottery system that rewards users who have set a delegate which is small
GetBanano  Instant  Solve the monkey-only captcha and get rewarded in BAN (Not sure if one time or not)
Monkeytalks  Instant .Complete a captcha and claim BAN every 6 hours with this faucet
Trybanano  Instant Seemingly a one-time use Banano faucet
BananoPlanet  Instant A simple faucet that allows you to claim every 2 hours some free BAN
Devinmonstes Instant Scroll down to the bottom of the website to find a Banano Faucet that pays instantly
Sp642 Instant Complete a Hcaptcha and get some free banano every 24 hours
Moonano Faucet Instant Click the blurry Monkey and complete the captcha after then you will get some free BAN
GorillaNation Instant Simple captcha fill and after you get some nice free bananos


Binance chain (BSC) is a very popular blockchain and you can see that in fees given to the fact how many transactions are happening on daily basis on the blockchain. There are still a couple of sites that are allowing you to claim some free BNB out there.

BNB Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Stakely Instant This is a Twitter-based faucet, which requires you to make a tweet in order to get paid by the faucet
BanFaucet 0.00079517 BNB Another multi-coin faucet that multitude of different altcoins available and many different earning methods as well
Rollercoin 0.008 BNB An Investing style faucet game that allows payouts in both BUSD and BNB
Coinpayu  N/A Generic faucet websites with many payment methods and coins available via multiple methods
Firefaucet 0.012 BNB Another faucet that offers BNB rewards by completing auto faucet tasks


Bitcoin Cash is another affordable blockchain to use, which makes it an excellent faucet coin to grind out.

BCH Faucets Minimum Payout Description
BCH Giveaway  0.0001 BCH A Mobile game that gives you a random BCH reward each hour, also you can do surveys for extra payments as well (payouts monthly)
Faucetoshi  Zero A Multi crypto faucet that has an auto faucet, PTC, normal faucet, and a referral program that pays in the site’s own tokens that is then convertible into cryptocurrencies they support including BCH
Coinpot 0.007929 BCH Grand faucet website that offers many different ways to earn BCH including wheel claim, offerwalls, normal faucet, surfing, PTC & other things
Autofaucet  Zero Simple auto faucet claimer that gives the option to withdraw BCH to faucetpay or to your own Bitcoin cash wallet
BCH Games  0.0001 BCH Casino website that gives you BCH claim on sign-up by playing more you can use the faucet for higher rewards
GrindBux  0.25$ If you are looking for a BCH faucet that pays for surveys and watching videos this might be a great option for you


Cosmos is the main coin in the CosmWASM ecosystem. You have the ability to stake it as well, which can be a good compounding strategy after grinding out what the faucets have to offer.

ATOM Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Stakely  Instant payout By making a tweet you can request Cosmos tokens with some time limitations if you are also looking for other IBC chain tokens this faucet also has osmosis, regen, and many others
Dutchycorp 0.005 ATOM Autofaucet’s website with a lot of advertisements but also decent promotions
CoinPayu 0.07394 ATOM Offers direct withdrawal for ATOM (this faucet has an inactivity system so if you don’t use it enough your account will be wiped to zero)
Autofaucet 0.015 ATOM For autopilot, money try out this auto faucet for ATOM rewards
Allcoins  0.005 ATOM A Faucet I’ve been using for multiple years has a few annoying ads but also offers cool stuff like command miner and auto faucets


Another OG coin that has been around faucets for quite some time is Digibyte both affordable and rather fast when it comes to transactions.

DGB Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Autofaucet  0.1 DGB Typical Autofaucet website with a decent referral program and the option to withdraw DGB directly to your own wallet or to faucetpay without a fee and instantly
Coinpayz  211 DGB Note: This faucet functions with an inactivity system that will make your balances go zero if you don’t log frequently (I believe every 3 months) otherwise it’s okay
Faucetoshi  1.04 DGB Multi Cryptocurrency faucet website with many different ways to earn DGB
Dutchycorp  5 DGB A massive multi-coin faucet site that mainly operates with offerwalls and auto faucet claims
DigiFaucet  Instant Excellent Digibyte faucet that directly withdraws 0.01 DGB to your main wallet and there are no captchas
Zestys Faucet  Instant Simple DGB faucet that gives you 0.3 DGB by completing a captcha and then making a tweet after


MultiverseX (previously known as Elrond) is a rather cheap and fast blockchain which makes it excellent for faucet-style websites out there.

EGLD Faucets Minimum Payout Description
CoinPayu  N/A Normal Multicoin faucet, however, they have an inactivity system, so if you don’t visit the account in a few months they will reset it, so be careful about this one (also offers staking ability)
Allcoins  0.0005 EGLD This faucet has auto-faucet, offerwalls, dice games, and an in-built crypto converter allowing you to swap assets between each other
Dutchycorp  0.001 EGLD Another auto faucet option you can use to get some MultiverseX tokens


In order to receive stellar payments you are required to have a minimum of 25 XLM in your wallet, so make sure you have that setup basically before you start receiving any payments via these faucets or any other payment platforms.

XLM Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Althub  3 XLM A Generic faucet that has offerwalls, PTC, and SLwall that allows you to earn different coins including Stellar under a special withdrawal system that can be used once a day, while other coins have fewer withdrawal limits.
DutchyCorp  0.6 XLM Auto-faucet website with a couple of offerwalls options too
Bithub  N/A An Interesting multi-coin faucet that offers withdrawals to Binance, Coinbase (this one supports XLM), Faucetpay, and also direct withdrawals as well. They offer PTC, offerwalls, shortlinks, auto faucet, and a pretty lucrative referral program too
Coinpot  4.764 XLM Pretty cool multi-coin faucet with a multitude of different ways to claim XLM rewards (Must withdraw to Coinex)
Allcoins  2 XLM Another option to earn XLM with, this faucet offers many things like browser mining and auto faucets


Polkadot ecosystem is another large competitor to Ethereum and has multiple parachains (which are forms of sidechains) while not most mainstream among faucet users, there are a couple that does exist.

DOT Faucets Minimum Payout Description
DutchyCorp  0.156 DOT Multicoin Auto-faucet has a nice referral program and a couple of different ways to earn DOT tokens
Bithub  N/A This website has a lot of ads just saying but does offer some good payout options through different earning methods on their platform
Pro Infinity  0.00025 DOT Offers auto faucets, shortlinks, affiliate program, PTC, and other ways to earn DOT rewards


In order to use a lot of the EOS ecosystem I do recommend getting the Anchor Wallet, which will allow you directly log into a bunch of different dapps and all the other EOSIO-based chains that exist. There are no transaction fees in EOS but each transaction eats RAM and CPU which you have to stake.

EOS Faucets Minimum Payout Description
TrustDice  Instant Offers six different coins as rewards including USDC, USDT, BTC, TXT, ETH & EOS, which you are able to claim every 6 hours
Dutchy Corp  0.04 EOS  Auto-faucet website with a lot of altcoins including EOS also allows trading balances between each crypto on the site
Coinpot  0.40 EOS You are able to withdraw EOS rewards directly to a Coinex account with this faucet
Pro Infinity  0.146 EOS These withdrawals must be made to Coinbase, Binance, or Coinex in order to get your EOS rewards
Womplay  Zero Play different Mobile and Web Games and get paid in Wombucks that can be converted to EOS with high payout


Another prominent pseudo-privacy coin Zcash tends to have quite low fees, making it favored by many faucet websites out there.

ZEC Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Pipeflare   Instant payout This Zcash faucet has multiple earning methods, by claiming daily you get a higher multiplier of rewards
Global Hive  N/A Very similar to the concept of Pipeflare, seemingly using the same site basis and offering daily ZEC claims
Faucetoshi  0.00026 ZEC Basic faucet website with multiple methods and coins available
Firefaucet  0.066 ZEC  Offers a direct withdrawal to a Zcash wallet, has an auto faucet, and offerwalls choices
Faucetcrypto  0.0001 ZEC One of the most popular multi-coin faucet that has betting, auto faucets, offerwalls, shortlinks, and many other ways to earn ZEC
DutchyCorp  0.001 ZEC Dutchy has an auto faucet which is the main source of earning points that can be converted into coins alongside offerwalls
Bucksify  N/A Bucksify is a premium platform where you can complete surveys, watch videos, quests, compete with other users, etc. to basically earn ZEC and other Cryptos


For those using Algorand (ALGO) Faucets just a reminder to keep a minimum balance of 0.1 Algo in your wallet to keep it activated. Luckily algo has considerably low fees so you won’t run into many issues interacting with Algorand in general.

ALGO Faucets Minimum Payout Description
TheAlgoFaucet  N/A Sends out small Algo drops for a week, resets every Sunday (how much each time is unclear as of right now)
Dutchycorp  0.2 ALGO A Multi-coin auto faucet website with a lot of advertisements, but pays out okay
Autofaucet  0.1015 ALGO A website that focuses on auto faucet claiming offers direct withdrawal to your Algorand faucet
Banfaucet  1.148 ALGO Great multi-faucet with different methods to get Algo including offerwalls, challenges, PTC, lottery and others


A Popular altcoin at one point in time Tezos also offers automatic staking rewards and rather low fees, making it an excellent faucet coin.

XTZ Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Coinpayu  0.725 XTZ This Faucet has an inactivity system just as a warning for you, with points you get by claiming you can also advertise your links
Dutchycorp  0.04 XTZ Final Autoclaim offers a few ways to earn multiple cryptos including Tezos
Coinpot  0.42 XTZ An all-around faucet that has shortlinks, surfing, wheel claims, and more – requires XTZ withdrawals to Coinex Exchange


Dashcoin, also known as “Dash”, is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014 as a fork of Bitcoin. It aims to be a faster and more private alternative to Bitcoin, with lower transaction fees and a focus on user experience.

DASH Faucets Minimum Payout Description
Firefaucet 2.5$ The best Paying Dash Faucet is probably that I’ve found with multiple methods to earn popular altcoins
DashRocket Instant This dash faucet pays directly to faucetpay with instant withdrawals

If there is a specific high-quality faucet missing from this list, please let us know in the comment sections or contact us by our email ( and maybe we can include your faucet in this article.

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