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AI video generators are becoming more advanced day by day and there are many things you can do with them from presentations, entertainment, marketing, advertising, education, training, and in worst-case scenarios even deepfakes. Today we are gonna take a look at Best AI Video platforms that currently exist both paid & free ones out there focusing on prompt-to-video and Text to speech via AI avatars among other things.

Now before we start looking at the options I want to recommend checking out the AI Image list and being careful about what type of videos you create especially deepfake-related stuff since there might be legal ramifications on that.

One of the more exciting parts of AI Video technology is AI Avatars, which create quite an immersion experience and allows a lot of people to access more affordable company/product presentation videos. There is a fair amount of customization from adding a green screen, customs symbols, and texts with multiple different fonts.

On top of this, there is subtitle support and +60 different languages that the avatars can speak. Overall I would say very clean interface and UX is pretty good I do not have really any complaints about it especially because there is a free trial available to try it out.

One of the key features of is its AI-powered text-to-speech capabilities. The platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to generate videos automatically, based on the user’s input. Users can provide text-based scripts or upload pre-recorded voiceovers, and’s AI technology then generates corresponding video content. The generated videos can include animated characters, scenes, visual effects, and other elements, creating engaging and dynamic video content.

Overall it’s a very impressive tool and the quality of the portraits is very close to looking at a very real human being. Sadly there are some restrictions on what type of content can be created by these prompts so you are not allowed to do political, sexual, or discriminatory content.

Another excellent option for those who are looking for AI Avatars doing presentations. Soon they will be supporting 3D Digital human models giving out a bit more immersive experience who want to create something more game-related content.

There are a lot of language options and a fair amount of AI avatars to choose from too, there is also an in-built ChatGPT feature that allows you to come up with text lines, but I have to say that they are a bit more expensive service compared to others we have compiled on the list

  • Pricing: Plans start at $30/month
  • Demo Video: Link
  • Free Version/Trial: No, but you can preview your work before paying
  • Site:

Next up we have which has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. They have a bunch of cool features including an article to the video which allows you to paste any article you have written and it will create a video out of it while having the power to also add Voice-over the article (you can record one with a microphone too), it does absorb the text and adds the key parts and uses some default background stock footage.

Next up we have Fliki which is another AI Video platform that focuses around on different types of presentations supporting over +75 languages and +100 Dialects on their service. The clear advantage they have over the competition is that they got rather a nice Free version that allows you to create 5 minutes of content for free each month and their general pricing for their service is the lowest on this list.

There are some neat features like auto-converting articles you have written into video format and they also have a very rich stock media library giving access to images, clips, and background music for creators out there.

  • Pricing: Plans start at $8/month (Get a -25% discount by subscribing for a year)
  • Demo Video: Link
  • Free Version/Trial: 5 minutes of video per month (Limitations included)
  • Site:

If you are looking for a multitude of templates to create videos and presentations from you want to maybe take a dive into what Invideo has to offer. They also have a neat text-to-video editor which gives ease of access to swift creation with this platform. There is a nice collab feature too which allows you to invite other people to create with you a great use case for businesses and marketing teams for coordination.

Next up we have Synthesys not to be mixed up with Synthesia.. This one supports audio voice-overs and Humatars which are basically AI avatars. Now they seem rather an okay service, but the issue we have is their price models do not include both services on the lower tiers, but you have to pay $52 a month in order to get both video and audio voice overs which I feel is a bit of a ripoff.

Now the other perk they do have is the ability to create your own AI avatar as well, but these custom avatars are quite an expensive cost to create one sitting at 500$ per year – yeah… that’s a lot for one avatar.

  • Pricing: Plans start at $27/month (if you take a yearly plan otherwise $35)
  • Demo Video: Link
  • Free Version/Trial: None
  • Site:

Runway focuses on text prompts to video and they recently had a big update that made them transition from Gen-1 to Gen-2 which is lot more advanced version than what they had before. There are also some image enchantment AI features like adjusting your existing image to a new style for instance and colors. You can create interesting music videos or train custom models with their software.

Overall I would say they are a bit of a niche here until their models get a lot more advanced in the future, you could do whole full animated series with this in the future if they can keep training it to a more advanced stage.

  • Pricing: Plans start at $12/month
  • Demo Video: Link
  • Free Version/Trial: Has a free account that comes along with 125 credits & other limitations
  • Site:


Hopefully, the information here was worth your time, make sure to share and check out some other articles we have written about AI on the website too. We’re gonna add more updates to this article in near future so keep this bookmarked!


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