There has been a surge of interest around Image Generators and how to turn this passion into income earlier we talked about How to make money with Midjourney and today we will be solely focusing on Stable Diffusion income generation. Unlike MJ this software/tool is totally open source and free to use so there isn’t really any cost involved to get started with prompting and making a buck or two.

We are gonna explore a couple of different methods in this article on how to get started, but we really want to emphasize people not do immoral things like generating CP and selling that onwards in some dark web corner.

#1 Selling Stable Diffusion Generated Art

The most obvious way to make money with Stable Diffusion is to sell art that you have generated. This has many different applications like selling designs in certain marketplaces, selling logos, creating concept art on a request basis, vector art, and social media buttons you name it. Now there are multiple places where you can sell AI art and or your services and here is a breakdown of a couple of examples (Pay in mind that not all places accept AI art and some have different levels of competition).

  • Wirestock – This is a photo/art aggregator that publishes your AI art in multiple platforms including Adobe marketplace, pond5, getty/iStock, dreamstime, alamy, Shutterstock and other popular platforms after the image is approved.
  • PixelClerk – If you are looking to sell very affordable AI Logos or Art in general this marketplace is an excellent option also do not have that many people selling anything AI related yet here, so you could conquer that niche.
  • Artstation – While the AS community has a bit of anti-AI sentiment it doesn’t stop you from actually selling your generated art on their website. While their marketplace is a lot more focused on Unreal Engine & Unity models among some other modeling tools, there is also a demand for 2D style concept art as well, I recommend taking a peek into what other people are selling to get an idea.
  • CreativeFabrica – A digital marketplace that sells fonts, PNG, SVG, embroidery, and other types of nice niches that you can capitalize on this website
  • PeoplePerHour – Another Marketplace where you can sell all types of digital art and services that some customers might be interested in, also not a lot of people doing AI stuff on this website yet!
  • Etsy – Then we have a digital/physical niche marketplace that has a lot of AI Creators called Etsy, which is a platform I use myself to buy clothing often not, lot of extremely talented people on this platform and ways to make money too

#2 Selling Stable Diffusion Prompts

With the emergence of AI technology, there has been a new market opened the cause of it which is prompt selling, this is quite important with Stable Diffusion more than Midjourney because you need to add negative prompts and use very specific prompts to get the results you want – so there are inherently people interested in this. I’m sure there will be more marketplaces for prompts in the future, but here are some prominent ones that exist today!

  • Promptbase – This is by far the largest prompt marketplace right now. You can set up your price for the prompt anywhere from 1.99$ to 19.99$ and the platform takes like 20% from each sale. The only downside is that there is a waiting line in their service, and you can’t get your stuff approved immediately it might take up to 10 days to see your prompt on sale.
  • PromptSea – A Blockchain Alternative for generating AI-based NFTs that you are able to sell on their platform for Polygon And Binance Smart chain as of right now, could become more popular down the line
  • PromptAttack – Another prompt marketplace that also offers the option to give out prompts for free, which is good for promotion I guess? Not as big, but given how long it takes to get approved at Promptbase I could see this being a decent alternative

#3 Selling Models for Stable Diffusion

While most Models for Stable Diffusion are indeed given for free that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find people to commission a certain specific model that they are looking for. So either selling models you have created for SD or just taking requests for Models that customers are looking for, the best place to look at models people have created is Civitai, and maybe in perhaps in the future they will also enable a selling feature on their site.

  • Fiverr – The largest marketplace for everything digital including AI, you can find a lot of customers here, but I have to say its a very competitive platform if you are just selling AI art in general, but SD models are still a hot commodity, and not super competitive niche as of right now
  • Sellfly – This site allows you to set up your own shop basically and it’s quite ideal for very minimalistic service that is selling any form of digital goods

#4 Selling Physical Accessories & Clothing with your Prompt Art

You can generate very neat T-shirt designs and other style logos and brand designs with Stable Diffusion, which enables you to go to specific marketplaces and start pasting the designs on multiple accessories, mugs, towels, apparel you name it, and get a company print it for you and handle the shipping. This is very autopilot money and you don’t really have to do much outside of creating the design and then marketing a bit later on.

  • Printful – Excellent Apparel print on demand service that you can utilize for Stable Diffusion generated designs for, offering a vast catalog with multiple options!
  • Redbubble – Vast collection of different clothing and accessories where you are able to print your design, they will handle all shipping and customer service, all you have to do is upload your design and get it approved – voila you are good to go!
  • Gelato – Another Print on Demand service that you can opt for instead of Redbubble, has pretty much a similar inventory of different items available

Girl with a flower on her headband while wearing Korean streetwear

#5 Selling Tutorials & Courses on Stable Diffusion

Since stable diffusion actually requires some base knowledge to get started (especially running it on your own computer) there is a good chance of doing educational content that will be behind a paywall. While there aren’t exactly that many places specializing in courses, there are some other niche marketplaces where you can sell them as well like the ones mentioned above.

  • Udemy – A Hub for all types of courses on various subjects anywhere from Coding, AI, Mathematics, Finance, etc. it might turn out to great place to sell a Stable Diffusion course if you plan to make one

Technically you could make even your own site that sells credits to create prompts but there are so many of these already existing that I highly do not recommend engaging in that format, to be honest.

That’s what we gotta share for now, if we missed out on some great ideas or platforms, we would love to know about them, so make sure to drop a comment below and we will be checking out your SD money method idea for sure.

By Lite G

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