The next AI craze is going to revolve around music for sure and there are already quite advanced Music/Sound generators out there as of right now, not exactly yet on the level of creating absolutely everything, but when it comes nonvocal tracks there are some great options out there, which we are going to talk about today.

We are later gonna produce our own Album with AI and publish it via one of the Music Distributors and write a detailed review of our journey and how much we make, so make sure you follow our socials so you won’t miss when that drops. Now there are some legal things regarding AI music (pretty much everything generated via AI) that may see changes in the future like not being able to have copyright or distribution rights to something, due to this make sure to be up to date with the latest news regarding AI technology.

One of the most amazing music AI Tools available right now, Mubert Render can create tracks with text to music from jingles, loops, remixes & tracks – or you can simply feed it genres and it will spin you up something great as well. You can try out a lot of things with their free version and there aren’t any limits really!

if you’re a content creator or anyone else you have the ability to download the license for the track as well. If you are going with the paid version you get to sell your music too among other usual rights that are privy to creators in general. While I think it does amazing tracks the text-to-music prompting is still very off and it doesn’t distinguish certain instruments.

If you love memeing around or just simply love soundboards you have to try Voicemod out because it’s one of the coolest apps I have tried out. This is downloadable software that has many AI voices and sound effects that you can use in soundboard settings, good for cinematic narration for instance. They also have semi-recently launched a service called Tuna that is Text-to-voice and that is probably the only service that actually supports lyrics for songs because everything else here is just instrumental.

It’s a very high-quality service, but their text-to-voice doesn’t have too much variety yet right now for different singer options and also different base tracks that you build from. Also what I like about this is the lifetime purchase option instead of paying monthly.

  • Price: 45$ for a lifetime subscription or 12$/month
  • Trial: Yes the program is totally free and so is the text-to-voice with some premium features behind a paywall
  • License Rights: N/A
  • Register:

Next up we have Boomy which is quite an interesting platform given the fact that they have the opportunity to publish music straight up to distributors once you have completed creating an album or EP on their site (Note: not every release gets passed by these distributors)

There is plenty of customization when it comes to Boomy from being able to choose instruments included, BPM, mixing options, drums, and background sounds like rain or traffic for instance. It has a lot more experimental sound, which speaks more since it’s not copying existing formulas but rather trying to create something brand-new.

  • Price: 2,99$/month (more discount if you take the yearly plan)
  • Trial: Yes there is a free version with few limits
  • License Rights: Partial ownership within their platform
  • Register:

Next up we have Soundraw which has actually quite a fast prompter able to do like ~20 tracks within a few seconds, which is impressive in my opinion. After it gives you examples you are able to edit them slightly by allowing you to re-create similar-sounding tracks before this you can adjust the genre, mood, and length of the track. By toggling the pro-mode you can swap between instruments, BPM, and length for instance so I would say there are a lot of post-editing features included in Soundraw that others don’t have which is definitely a much-needed feature compared to the rest.

  • Price: 19,99$/month (more discount if you take the yearly plan)
  • Trial: They have a free version of the service
  • License Rights: You’re not allowed to sell this music with the free version, but you can use it on podcasts and YouTube videos (more about this here)
  • Register:

Soundful is the next AI Music generator we are gonna talk about and they are currently in beta so pay that in mind when reading this. So Soundful is perhaps more jingle-esque track creation, I mean the quality of the prompts is high, but I definitely feel it’s a very limited experience as of right now when it comes to genres and instruments it allows you to choose.

I mean a lot of this AI software is similar that they give you rather cool stuff, but not exactly what you were looking for perhaps. Like there were only ~7 genres available here and no option for world music, hard rock, or metal for instance.

  • Price: 9,99$/month (Get ~20% off if you go with a yearly plan)
  • Trial: Free version exists (very limited I feel though)
  • License Rights: For distribution rights, you have to pay 49,99$
  • Register:

Aiva AI Review

Next up we have AIVA and I really am a fan of one of their features which allows you to upload MIDI files as a reference and the AI will try to create something based on that. I have to say AIVA AI has one of the more advanced editing features and adjustments you can create out of the competition and I feel like there is a lot more variety when it comes to genres and things they have to offer vs. the rest.

There are also plans available for students/schools and enterprises so they have quite accommodating options when it comes to plans. Overall I would say AIVA understands references the best out of the options in the list.

  • Price: 15€/month (Discount with yearly plan included)
  • Trial: Yeah free version exists for their service
  • License Rights: You have to get a Pro package which is 49,99$/month to sell your music, to monetize it on YouTube, Tiktok & Instagram you need a standard package
  • Register:

Beatoven is the next AI service we are going to talk about – now while Beatoven has an excellent filtering tool for picking up the music attributes and then going to process up some songs for you, there is simply just too little editing power here and options. It doesn’t help at all that they do not offer any package that gives you the right to sell the music that you create with them.

When you create your tracks and it shows alternatives I feel like they are way too far apart from each other, I do want to add that post editing screen is good though giving you a bit of that professional music editing software vibe that you can see with things like FL Studio.

  • Price: 20$/month
  • Trial: Yes free version included
  • License Rights: No copyrights ownership possibility everything is owned by Beatoven
  • Register:

Next up we have quite an experimental entry known as Melobytes which uses a text-to-audio feature that supports multiple languages anywhere from English to Armenian however the audio quality of the voice is absolutely horrendous though. There are many options here to prompt from the image, prompt from text, and others, but it doesn’t seem like the quality of the track will become massively higher with any other option.

It also does have optional video generation where you can upload a selfie and it lipsyncs stuff in a very South Park style fashion. There are lot of options on the setting but I just fundamentally feel you have to know what exactly you are doing to make any solid and listenable tracks with this AI tool.

  • Price: 13.90€/month or 9.9€/week
  • Trial: Yup there is a one
  • License Rights: N/A
  • Register:

That is our list of Music AI generators we think are worth checking & trying out. If we are missing something from the list don’t hesitate from dropping out a comment below! Make sure to check out some other great AI articles we have written our website if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

By Lite G

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