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Making Money with Midjourney? Here is How!

Making money with Midjourney

Make Money with Midjourney AI

Generally speaking, when we talk about the whole AI industry the expectation is that it’s going to erase a lot of jobs and that is true at its core, but especially now there are more avenues and sources to make money with these modern AI technologies including Midjourney & other image generators. Now we are going to tell you some methods to create Passive income with Midjourney

If you are new to MJ I recommend checking the tutorial I made a while ago. For this article, we are going to focus solely on how to make money with this beautiful AI Image prompter known as Midjourney.


1) Selling Created/Prompted Images

If you are using a paid version of Midjourney (Which you probably are since currently trials have been suspended) you have the commercial rights to the images that you are creating, meaning you can sell them. Now there are a bunch of potential buyers when it comes to Logos, concept art, and other types of product designs, especially if you have some basic Photoshop skills and can edit images a bit too, there will be demand for these types of requests.

Now the big question is where can I exactly sell the Midjourney Art that I have generated? Well, there are multiple marketplaces where you can do this type of stuff, so here are some essential options you can try out!

Remember: You don’t have to sell at just one platform you can try different niches on different websites and see which method makes the most money and keep doing that (or just keep doing all if they work).

2) Selling Physical Goods of your Generated Images

Putting aside digital sales of art, there is also the possibility of selling physical mugs, canvases, t-shirts, and other products that are using your generated prompt images. There are luckily a couple of these services which allow you to sell this stuff and you don’t have to actually take care of any shipping or creating these physical products. These services are gonna handle all that stuff for you for free.

3) Selling AI Prompts

Another cool method that I wasn’t aware of until recently was “Prompt selling”, so if you’re really good at creating MJ prompts that look cool, you have the opportunity to sell your prompts, including ChatGPT style prompts as well. While this is still a niche, I’m positive that this little market will keep expanding for a few years and there will be more marketplaces where you can sell prompts at.

4) Selling Courses on How to do Midjourney Prompts

If you really are a master at creating prompts with MJ, I think there might be a chance for you to sell out a course on how to get started and show some tips and tricks in order to get the best prompts possible. There aren’t marketplaces that are specialized in this niche but there are a few places where you can sell all types of courses, which could be things to start from.


if we have missed out on some methods please let us know in the comments and we will revisit our article and methods on how to earn with Midjourney.

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