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Getimg.AI Review – Is it Any Good?

Alternative to Midjourney and other Image Generators

Today i am going to share my experience with Getimg.AI service, which is image generator (Text to Image) tool that allows you create images using Stable diffusion underneath, but also allows you to do nice post-processing for free afterward, among other nice other tools that they offer like dreambooth.

With a user-friendly interface reminiscent of AUTOMATIC1111’s WebUI, Getimg boasts a wide array of features, including text prompts, image-to-image options, guidance scale, and more. Unleash your creativity with Getimg’s Dreambooth, where you can craft personalized AI avatars, product shots, and visualize objects in diverse scenarios.

Witness the magic of outpainting, a cutting-edge feature that extends image boundaries beyond their original confines, seamlessly integrating new elements and scenes with existing content. Meanwhile, the powerful inpainting capabilities allow you to effortlessly restore and edit images by removing imperfections.

Getimg’s ControlNet takes artistic control to a whole new level, offering pre-defined templates that enable precise manipulation of aspects like pose, facial expression, and depth of field.

With budget-friendly pricing plans (see below more) and the ability to utilize AI-generated images commercially, Getimg provides an accessible and captivating platform for AI art enthusiasts. Unleash your imagination, explore creative possibilities, and immerse yourself in the world of AI art with Getimg!

What does GetImg have to Offer?

Getimg operates similarly to AUTOMATIC1111’s WebUI, offering a range of familiar features like the standard text prompt, negative text prompt, image-to-image conversion, guidance scale, sampling steps, and more.

With an intuitive user interface and effortlessly accessible features, Getimg ensures that AI art generation becomes an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Understanding the functionality of various sliders and options is a breeze, making the creative process seamless.

Despite delivering impressive output resolution and overall image quality, Getimg achieves remarkable speed in image generation, taking only around 6-10 seconds per creation. This swift processing enhances the efficiency of the platform, allowing artists to witness their vision come to life rapidly.

List of SD Models Supported

Good thing is that all of these models are available in the trial/free version so you get to try anything you desire without a paywall basically. The roster seems to change as more time goes on and they keep adding popular models to their service and perhaps you can even request some of them by dropping an email or joining the discord community.

Then there is of course things like the Control Net feature which is for more advanced users out there.

Dreambooth Model Creator

Getimg provides a unique feature called Dreambooth that allows you to generate personalized AI models using your own images. With Dreambooth, you can create custom AI avatars, product shots, or visualize any object in various settings.

Additionally, you can train the AI to replicate any art style you desire, making it a versatile tool for artists and designers.Unlike the image-to-image technique, Dreambooth allows you to train the AI with input images to create specific-looking images rather than generating random-looking images based on a single image. This feature provides greater control and precision in creating the desired output

Inpainting & Outpainting Features

Outpainting is an advanced technique that utilizes text prompts to expand the boundaries of images beyond their original edges. Instead of initially prompting in 16:9 dimensions for example, this is more convenient way sometimes to get better images due to how certain LORA/Models are trained on.

By employing outpainting, users can create fresh elements or scenes that extend beyond the confines of the initial picture. This is achieved by seamlessly integrating new content into the existing image, ensuring it harmoniously aligns with the art style and colors. The accuracy of this matching process depends on the coverage of the outpainting frame over the original image.

Please note that in Getimg (where this feature is currently in the beta stage), there are certain limitations to consider. The use of the same checkpoint model (art model) that generated the original image is not possible. Instead, you can only utilize Stable Diffusion v1.5 and Realistic Vision, which is one of the best Stable Diffusion models. If you initially generated an image using the Inkpunk Diffusion model, for instance, attempting to continue the process with SD v1.5 may not yield satisfactory results.

Moreover, outpainting within Getimg is confined to a fixed frame size and image ratio (specifically 1:1, with dimensions of 512px x 512px). This ensures consistency in the output and helps maintain the overall artistic integrity of the generated content.

In the realm of AI image editing, inpainting plays a vital role, offering the ability to restore and modify missing or damaged sections within pictures. With inpainting, you gain the power to effectively reconstruct deteriorated images by eradicating imperfections like cracks, scratches, disfigured limbs, dust spots, or red-eye effects from AI-generated images.

Getimg’s inpainting functionality shares similarities with outpainting. However, it also comes with some limitations to consider. For inpainting, you can only utilize Stable Diffusion v1.5 and Realistic Vision, restricting the use of other AI art models. This may lead to uncertainties in the final results, as continuing with the same AI art model that generated the original image is not feasible. Despite these limitations, Getimg’s inpainting remains a valuable tool for enhancing and refining AI-generated images, enabling users to transform flawed visuals into stunning works of art.

Pricing & Final Thoughts

Lastly we have to talk about the pricing structure of Getimg.Ai and is it fair compared to the actual competition out there. There are obviously free options out there like Stable Diffusion, but not everyone have a good computer available and currently the installation process is frankly quite tedious and complex for average PC user out there.

Getimg offers five distinct pricing plans tailored to suit various needs. The free plan grants you 100 monthly credits, but excludes access to Dreambooth models/feature. The other plans share similar features, with differences based on payment tiers. The higher the payment, the more Dreambooth models and credits you receive. Each credit corresponds to one image, and an additional credit is required for Fix faces (Other post-processing things do not cost any credits FYI!).

Surprisingly, even the free plan boasts fast image generation speed, rendering the need to pay for even quicker image generation somewhat redundant.

It’s important to note that credits do not carry over to the following month. Should your credits deplete, you have the option to top them up for $9, receiving 2,400 credits. So perhaps start with a smaller plan and gradually go up if demand is there to generate more images.

Furthermore, Getimg generously grants users the right to use the generated images for commercial purposes, adding to its appeal as a versatile and valuable platform for art enthusiasts and professionals alike. IF you are further interested at selling images, please take look at our Stable Diffusion Selling guide article for more ideas and concepts.

Overall GetImg.AI is decent entry and probably lands somewhere in the middle in terms of its pricing compared to the competition. Long as they keep adding more features in the future and stay up to the curve its a good investment.

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