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Making Money with Shortlinks – Look At The Best Sites

Passive income with URL shorteners

In the ever-evolving world of online entrepreneurship, finding creative ways to monetize your content has become a popular pursuit for many. One of the things that became more prominent around 10 years ago was shortlinks that basically show ads and pay you each time people click them. Historically there were a couple of very successful ones around for many years, but what often happens with these services is that the domains might get flagged by Google or YouTube for example (something you gotta think about before doing stuff like this).

Today I’m gonna review a couple of options you have if you want to get into the shortlinks business and make some nice passive income. Especially if you have a download-based website you can make rather nice returns.

List of Paying URL Shorteners

This list is not in any particular order nor do we rank these individually, I suggest looking at the data we have provided and making decisions based on that. You can always try and experiment with which works best for you. If we are missing some essential one from the list leave a comment and we may consider adding it

Another quite old player in the URL Shortener business this one offers a lot of the same stuff as Adfly does, but has twice as lower minimum payout, and for those who can’t access Paypal, they got some nice options there. While their base CPM isn’t as high for US viewers their other countries tend to have better rates, especially for 3rd world countries.

A Germany-based URL shortener service Goo has a nice website service that is under a year old. Seemingly the only service that also supports Papara payments out of the ones that we have listed here.

This site is part of the old guard and trustworthy payee that sends all payments automatically on the 1st & 15th day of each month, so basically double payments per month, personally I’m a not big fan of going into each website and requesting payments manually I like the feature of things being automatic.

Another excellent short link platform to try out, they have both iOS and Android apps available with multiple payment methods that some allow daily withdrawals too. All ads on the platform are manually moderated so no virus, malware, or obscene content can pass through their systems.

Cuty is an excellent choice for people who are looking for multiple payment methods and a clean stats layout. Immediate withdrawals are a nice feature given some of these services do payouts monthly/weekly. There isn’t however transparent data about their general CPM so that is a mystery.

Upshrink is a platform that has a nice clean user interface with standard services such as quick link, mass shrinker, full page script, and bookmarklet and there is available developer API as well. They also have a  telegram bot that can shrink links too and they give 0.5$ sign-up bonus when you register to the platform.

GPlinks is a bit broader website compared to others aside from having your telegram bots, mass shrinking, and full page scripts you also have surveys and games on their platform which further allow you to earn money. I also like that there are so many different options for payments as well

Linkrex has been around the block for some time now (Circa 2018) they got all the base features covered as mass shrinks, full-page scripts, and some Developer AI for techies there. The dashboard is quite simple and clean among this there is also an Android application on google play too.

While the dark mode of this website’s dashboard isn’t to my liking there are a lot of cool features with VNshortener including a bookmarklet and an extensive list of payment methods including bank transfer in Nepal & India which is something you do not see usually as an option. Another very neat service is their Telegram bot that can is linked to their API.

Clicksfly comes along with nice options to tailor your own ad plans giving a bit more freedom than some of the other alternatives in the matter. Their dashboard isn’t half bad either and has a good amount of data and statistics available about your links and referrals.

AdshrinkIT comes along with nice shortlinks services including easy shrink, mass shrinker, and even a Browser extension. The statistics page also shows quite nice detailed information out there about your traffic


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