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How to Choose a Hardware Wallet for Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Crypto hardware wallets comparison

Looking for the Best Crypto Hardware Wallets

A crypto hardware wallet is a physical device that is designed to store private keys used for accessing and managing cryptocurrency funds. These wallets provide an extra layer of security compared to software wallets, which are vulnerable to hacking, malware, and phishing attacks.

Hardware wallets are often small, portable devices that can be connected to a computer or mobile device using a USB cable or Bluetooth. They typically have a small display screen and physical buttons for navigating the device and entering PIN codes. As a Digital Nomad, it’s crucial to have very secure hardware wallets that will keep your Crypto assets safe and this is why we compiled a breakdown of the best hardware crypto wallets to choose from for your needs.


SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet Review

One of the more secure options that you can go for is the SecuX W20 model which offers touchscreen functionality and a wide array of different top cryptocurrencies to choose from. It comes along with a dynamic keypad for PIN entry that will prevent fingerprint tracing. It also supports BIP-32, -39, and -44 standard 12/18/24 recovery word sets. It also provides a 25th-word passphrase for additional security. It’s fundamentally easier & faster to use due to its touchscreen compared to a lot of the competition on the market. You can find our video review of the wallet here if you want to see how it functions and looks.

Ledger Nano X Wallet Review

This is probably by far the most popular and promoted hardware wallet you come across. One of the big benefits of the Ledger Nano is the fact its natively supported in a lot of software wallets like Metamask, My Ether Wallet, Exodus & Guarda wallet, etc. Top of its wide crypto support there is mobile Bluetooth functionality, and PIN protection & you can even choose from different colors. However, I have to say pushing the buttons is not pleasant to experience and it feels often not very clunky altogether, luckily you have the ledger live application that smoothes out the experience, but you are still forced to do certain setups with the 2 buttons on the Nano X device.


Keystone Pro Hardware Wallet Review

Keystone Pro is a hardware wallet, designed for high-frequency users. It Simplifies wallet access with a fingerprint sensor & is fully compatible with MetaMask and supports access to many others including Keplr, Solflare, Safe, Bitkeep, Sender, ArConnect, Petra, Blockwallet, XRP Toolkit, and Bluewallet among others. Touchscreen support gives a nice edge over user-friendliness as well. One very good mechanism is the anti-tamper self-destruct mechanism that will wipe your private keys upon detection of disassembly if your Keystone Pro is lost or stolen. Their BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44-compliant firmware is also open source.


SecuX Nifty Wallet Review

Nifty is the world’s first NFT hardware wallet ever created, very ideal for people who want to play around with NFTs on EVM chains like Ethereum & Polygon. SecuX like some of the other models comes out with a very handy touchscreen setup that has a lot of different functionalities from viewing your NFTs to setting up Dynamic Keypad protection and having an EAL 5+ certified security chip. By far if you are an NFT user this is basically one of the only hardware options you can go with on the market as of right now! You can see our specific review about it if you want to know more.


Trezor Model One Wallet Review

It’s also important to feature some more affordable wallets as well. Trezor is one of the oldest players in the hardware wallet game alongside Ledger, it has nice support of coins that aren’t exactly supported on the other hardware wallets listed in this article which gives it an edge with altcoin holders. It also comes along with Trezor Suite that’s basically a wallet interface on desktop, browser & android making it easier to handle your assets.


Safepal S1 Hardware Wallet Review

If you are looking for a very affordable and cheap option you definitely want to go with Safepal S1 since it’s the most affordable hardware wallet on the market right now. It has a huge variety of different cryptos supported altogether across multiple blockchains out there. The big negative about this hardware wallet is that the pairing can be only done with the Safepal Wallet app, so your experience is very limited due to this factor and needs to be taken into consideration if you wish to buy this wallet.


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