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Cryptojacking Tutorial – How to Turn Website into a Miner

Cryptojacking Tutorial

Before we talk about Cryptojacking, it’s very important to distinguish that there are 2 main methods to do this, one is via malware – which we do find very unethical and counter-productive to the crypto movement, and then there is the ethical approach that is in-browser cryptojacking which allows you to install a script to your website that will use the computer to mine usually PoW based coins like Monero.

Now, I do believe that you should always state on your website if you are mining with it and be transparent about it to your audience, which is fundamentally the moral way to approach it. In the past, there used to be a lot more Monero-based cryptojacking scripts and websites out there like Coinhive, but some of them stopped due to the fact it’s a very legal grazyone, and also, the profitability of the it has been fluctuating a lot.

Things to Note Before Running Script on the Website!

Finding out Cryptojacking Services & Tools

As I already said earlier many of this plug & play Cryptojacking website services have shut down their operations for good. There are still a couple of them out there that I want to start talking about first before anything else.

I won’t go into explaining how to install all these different scripts one by one because the process is different with each one, but they all tend to use the same format which is a Javascript code that you get. For example, we have the WebminePool script:

<script src=""></script>
    var miner = WMP.User('<your-site-key>', '<username>',{
        threads: 4,
        autoThreads: false,
        throttle: 0.3,
        forceASMJS: false

So what you need to do if you have a website running on WordPress for example is to go to and create a text widget and choose the “text” tab instead of “visual” and proceed to paste in the code after editing your own username, site key, and throttle you want to have for the people who visit the website.

After you have inserted all the necessary info into the javascript code, just hit save and it should be now running on your website. Sadly I haven’t seen many of these services have a whitelist system which makes it so that certain IP address has no mining at all – I remember there being some services like that in the past though.

That’s what we have to teach you for today, if we are missing a Web script site from the list please let us know in the comments or contact us via email.

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