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All Friend.Tech Alternatives Listed & Compared

SoFi Revolution is Here

Many people got into the Friend.Tech craze (SoFi = Social Finance) and those who were there, in the beginning, reaped the biggest benefits of building a following and getting massive amounts of commissions on their keys (Profiles). That being said it’s a bit harder to get started as a nobody on a platform like FriendTech and that’s a great chance to look into some of the other alternatives that exist in other blockchains and EVMs that are great competition, but also reward better referrals and active userbase.

First SoFi platform Friend.Tech started everything and still has a massive lead by TVL and probably is the best place to start if you are the big creator in the space. They have yet to launch a token, but they are slowly dishing out small updates and it’s probably expected token launch is near. is a mobile-only (As of right now) SoFi platform that allows you to buy votes/shares of people who aren’t on the platform yet, however, if the users are not entering the app they will lose the claim and that will be distributed to community. Overall this is a very clean interface and one of the better SoFi apps design-wise.

Created by the Zapper team ChainChat is a brand new fresh player in the space utilizing more Web3 wallets than actual social media profiles like Twitter. You definitely want to be among the early people in the platform and capitalize on its growth. Also, it might contribute to an actual launch of their own token, which unlike others here is likely to have a higher valuation than any other SoFi platform on the list.

Probably the most prominent alternative by TVL (total value locked) right now is PostTech this site is imitating quite a lot of what actual Twitter (Now X) looks like in the style of its interface. Being active on Twitter and doing some other social tasks will gain you points during the epochs that will tally into the eventual Airdrop that they will be conducting on their platform.

Hub3 is offering a bit different experience from the rest allowing people to have geographical positions for their rooms, which is a neat idea. Also, they have more of a traditional DEX interface for trading keys in their platform which is still simple to understand for beginners. Secondly, I have to admit I really like their interface it seems a lot more tuned and finished compared to other SoFi platforms that exist.

A very new dapp called Stars Arena does things a bit more differently than the rest of the platforms by having a more different interface for one and secondly, there is a more open discussion with the ability to interact with comments by giving them tips for example, this is a very powerful revenue tool to bring money back and forth between the users. Also, there are no invite codes, so everyone can join and start creating on the platform as long as they have a Twitter account.

FanTech is a brand new SoFi platform based on the Mantle (MNT) blockchain it has a very slick and detailed application, but sadly as of right now, there isn’t a function to use it on the desktop without an actual emulator which I’m hoping they will remedy ASAP.

This one has a bit of a branding issue by going with the name NewBitcoinCity while simultaneously calling their specific dapp “Alpha” so it remains to be seen how is this going to evolve further, but all this critique aside, they probably have one of the best apps out of the all current ones (Sadly you cannot access this at browser at the moment) and just like the others you can grind out Alpha points by inviting people and by doing stuff in the application.

Mellow has a different market model instead of shares people can straight up buy tokens that are created by the people who sign up. Currently, some aspects are still under construction, like the referral program, which doesn’t currently correlate with any rewards but shows a leaderboard that might play into a future token. They will be introducing a loot crate system which will be a form of reward for users.

Friend3 is a very cool-looking and responsive FT Clone that is operating under Binance Smart Chain (BSC) out of the ones on the list it might be my favorite layout because it’s so well organized. Just like many others on the list, you can do tweets and other things on their side of the dapp to accumulate airdrop points. There is also a donate functionality available on this platform.


If you are looking for players outside of the EVM circle you may want to take a peek at Friendzy which is the only Solana-based SoFi platform as of right now. It’s a bit slow to register on this site since the Twitter profiles have to be indexed and everything, which has limited me from registering here and gathering relevant data and opinions about this.

Originally known as Bitclout was the originator of the Decentralized Social Media accounts with price tag concept, it wasn’t exactly the same as Friend Tech started – however, it served as the main inspiration for a lot of things (I also remember that originally they transactions weren’t on chain) regardless this community is bit less active since it doesn’t have the startup hype like it used to have. It works out a lot more like Twitter and posts aren’t behind a key wall like in FT, so in a way, there are a bit fewer incentives to buy and sell creator tokens.

Shares Finance is the only dapp on this list that hasn’t been released yet, they have extensively released information about their project on their Twitter profile and showcase how the platform looks like. However, their token is currently available so that’s one way you can start being part of this project there is tokenomics detailed on their website that I recommend taking a look at before buying or investing though.


If you are working on a SoFi alternative yourself that fits this category, please drop an email to and I’ll see if I can add your service to this list

EDIT – Cipher is closing their service so I removed It from the list from all things gathered seemed shady as fck

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